Wednesday, June 15, 2005

my masterpiece

The previous owners of our house didn't have much of a green thumb. In fact, they informed me specifically that it was more of a brown thumb. The inside of the house was impeccable, but the outside left much to be desired : )

The house has shrubs all along the front that are half dead and badly in need of a trim, the grass in the backyard is fairly non-existent, and all the trees are terribly overgrown and block our sunlight.

Over Thanksgiving week, just after we moved in, the Hubs and his dad spent hours chopping down two shrubs that had since turned into awful ugly trees that blocked our dining room and office windows. Now we have stumps in our front yard, but its still better.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the hubs threw down grass seed, which is ever so slowly growing in. My job is to water it while he is gone. Just don't tell him that I forget all the time. He also bought the largest non-riding lawn mower that Sears sells, because he is a manly man, and he needs lots of power tools and big mechanical items. I might mention again that we have a ten foot square patch of no grass, but that would be mean so I won't.

I tore up hostas, as we have previously discussed, thinking they were weeds, because frankly, I don't know a damn thing about gardening. But I am learning, because that is the obsessive over-achiever that I am. I also ordered about 40 plants that all arrived at the same time, because planting 40 plants at one time wouldn't be difficult. Noooooo. Not at all.

But I did plant my 40 plants and lined them with lovely rocks stolen from the inlaws house in the Berkshires, and I covered them with mulch. Aren't they beautiful?

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I know they look small, but they are babies! They will grow to be big and strong and provide halloweenlover with lots of lovely flowers! I promise!!!

FYI, that person you saw hunched over and walking like an 80-year-old on the subway? That was me 2 weeks ago.

I'm still limping.


SpookyRach said...

Ha! I made the same order a few years ago from the seed catalogue. Ouch!

(Now, a couple of years later, it seems worth it.)

Elizabeth Blair York said...

Gorgeous start!

I envy your energy. I put in abotu 6 tomato plants this year and half a bed of impatiens and then said "off, thank heavens for perrenials."

And that? Was that.

Ninotchka said...

Looking good!

Stan said...

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