Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I only have a minute because I started my new job yesterday (YAY!) and I am trying not to spend too much time blogging while at the office, particularly since I already have 5 clients. FIVE!!! What are these people thinking? What happened to easing me into things?

Anyway. Good news on the A in labor front. Last time we chatted, she had decided to march into her appointment yesterday and behave hysterically and demand to be induced. Turns out it worked because last night she went into the hospital and they started the process at about 7pm or so. According to my college roommate, the pediatrician, who although she treats children has also covered labor and delivery, they will put some type of gel stuff on her cervix to "ripen it" and this morning they started the pitocin.

So at this very moment A is likely working through the labor thing and getting her future baby girl out of the premises. Please send lots of positive thoughts and prayers her way! And I'll keep you updated!