Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Yay! Ninotchka tagged me for this musical meme, so here I go...

Total number of music files on my computer:
Hmmm, I think this is an unfair question because I just switched jobs and I had lots of files on my work computer at my old job, but none at the new job. But, on my ipod mini- Gmini ('cause he's a gangsta and green), I have 635.*

The last CD I bought:
In store: Sacred Love by Sting.
On iTunes: Over and Over by Nelly and Tim McGraw

Song playing right now:
The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me by Gladys Knight and the Pips, per my last blog entry, because I'm reminiscing!

Five songs that I listen to a lot:
1 - Fallen by Sarah McLachlan
2 - Anything by Sarah McLachlan
3 - Confessions by Usher
4 - Donde Estan Los Ladrones by Shakira
5 - Say Anything by Edwin McCain (really the whole new CD, Scream and Whisper)

Thanks for the tag Ninotchka! I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to think of anything, but I had to edit my choices down a ton!

I've had the sweetest comments recently from HoneyBunny and Spooky Rach, so now you two are tagged!

* Can't you sooo tell that I am a lawyer? Geez. Soon I am going to be putting up disclaimers at the beginning of each entry. Pfft.


Chris said...

Completely unrelated, but did I read on your blog you went to school in New Haven? I did too, and lived on the fabulous Howe St, complete with prostitutes turning tricks in the stairwell and people being shot on the corner. The falafel place *almost* made up for it all ;-)

What a time it was... (look a song reference to tie it into your post ha!)

Honey Bunny said...


i will have to put this in my blog as soon as i get home tonight. i'm at work and drawing a complete and total blank on anything that doesn't have to do with spam and mail servers ;)

have a good weekend!

SpookyRach said...

Oh, man! I totally missed this! Will have to get right on it!