Friday, June 10, 2005

life IS good

Doesn't this festival sound so cool? It is a Life is Good Backyard Athlete Festival! I love those "Life is Good" t-shirts. They are so fun and wholesome. My nephew wears a little golfing Life is Good hat and I just want to eat him up, he's so adorable. But this festival sounds great- watermelon seed spitting? Dog bowling? What more could you want? Plus, I need a t-shirt with a dog on it.

Also, there is an art festival lining Beacon Street in Boston, from Newton to downtown Boston! My office walls are looking mighty boring, so I may need to check out some local artists. I need paintings of sunflowers to cheer me and my office up. Anyone know any artists that paint nice pics of landscapes? Preferably with sunflowers or the ocean?


Ninotchka said...

I always say "Life is Good" and when I discovered the merchandise I just about died. I love the kids' stuff. TRES CUTE.