Monday, June 13, 2005

and the award for inlaws of the year goes to...


My inlaws were here this weekend and they proceeded to bend themselves backwards and turn themselves upside down helping me around the house! My father-in-law got up at 7:30am to trim trees in my backyard, despite the crushing heat (TONS of trees). Then he trimmed the neighbor's bushes that were hanging over my fence. Then he chopped all those limbs and bushes up and stacked them neatly in lawn bags. 8 lawn bags! He also installed 2 window air conditioners for me, which clearly took the prize as I would have melted without them.

My mother-in-law, not to be outdone, cleaned some of my rooms, did laundry, washed dishes, went on a long walk with me on Sunday morning, and dug holes to plant a lilac bush, azalea, 3 hydrangeas, and then cleaned up the yard with me. They both worked nonstop every minute they were in my house!

And my little abode does look very pretty today. I took lots of pictures to appease all of you, and I'll post them tonight since I forgot the #*^%& camera cord again.

But still, I am sad today. I feel down in the dumps and lethargic and incapable of getting anything done.

The reason? My hubs has abandoned me. Not literally, but he left me a week ago to go on a month-long trip to Costa Rica. He is taking a Spanish immersion course so that one day, when we have children, he'll be able to speak to them in Spanish too. I told him that he had two options (1) I teach the kids Spanish and then we talk shit about him behind his back or (2) he learns the language. You can see which one he chose.

So I won't see my sweet hubs until I visit him in Costa Rica in 3 weeks. I really really really cannot wait. I felt very brave and happy about him leaving for the first week, even though I missed him, but today, for some reason I feel overwhelmed with his absence. On the one hand, I think that 3 more weeks is nothing. 2 more weekends! And I'll have family as entertainment! On the other hand, 3 more weeks feels interminable. As if I might shrivel up with sadness. Ahh, I love to be dramatic. But I do miss him terribly.

Since my inlaws were here all weekend and until this Wednesday and then my parents arrive Wednesday to take over the lonely daughter shift, I figured I would be protected from crazy stalkers (or masturbators). Hopefully. If any crazy stalkers are reading this, I don't really live in Boston. I live in Oklahoma. Deep in the fields of Oklahoma. Start looking for me there.