Wednesday, March 02, 2011

what happened

First, this happened, courtesy of Josie and her best buddy.

21 missing keys, in approximately 3 minutes of unsupervised time.

Oh, and they snapped several individual keys IN HALF. I'm so proud of her fine motor skills, obviously.

Then, of course, there were more stitches, courtesy of Josie banging her chin against the edge of her crib.

The irony is that I needed to take a shower so I placed her in her crib to keep her safe. HA HA HA HA HA. I came back wrapped in a towel to find blood EVERYWHERE. Everywhere. And she wasn't even crying! She just tilted her head up and showed me her chin and said, "I have a boo boo, I need an Elmo bandaid mom." Another trip to the ER, another set of stitches.

Then, I found, um, let's call it a mysterious animal, dead in the basement. I lifted up a paint tarp, and there he was. Maybe a squirrel? Maybe a possum? I don't know, but he was shriveled and hairy and I may have touched him with my hand, and honestly, let's stop talking about it because I'm still traumatized.

So I did what I always do when one of the kids has an accident. Any guesses? Yep, yep, I started a large scale home renovation project, by myself, with no advance planning or warning to my husband. Pictures and details to come.

And then I kind of just fell apart. Not a lot, just a bit. Josh is working around the clock and the injuries always set me off, and everything felt overwhelming for a few weeks. But I'm starting to feel better- more normal.

The computer is still broken, which is the major impediment to typing anything, but thankfully I joined the 21st century and got an iPhone and hopefully this will help until we figure out what to do with the computer. And Josie, we need a plan for what to do with Josie. Besides the bubble wrap because that isn't working.