Monday, June 13, 2005

the trial

I guess everyone has heard about old thriller's acquital.

I think I was expecting him to be found not guilty, or at the most, to have a hung jury. My mother is an avid Court TV watcher and she felt the need to keep me up to date on the trial. On Friday, she told me that once Macaulay Culkin said that Jackson had never molested him, she was knew he was innocent. You see why I love my mother?

She also said that as soon as she saw a picture of Hillary Clinton as a 20-something, she knew Bill had an affair with Monica. Monica was apparently the spitting image of a young Hillary. Who knew?

Anyway, the hallways in this law firm are buzzing and lots of people seem to be watching the report as it comes down the wire. I just keep thinking that this is such a sad situation, and such a waste of taxpayers' money.