Monday, June 27, 2005

And this is the finished product after I begged Josh to hang shelves and hooks and set everything up.

I stuck with the color because once we put all our antique white furniture in the room, it looked significantly lighter and a lot less poopy colored. It makes for a nice and cheerful room!

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Sadly, I still find little spots of blue wall paint in the corners or inside closets so I have to continuously tackle it. I still have to paint all the trim in the room, and we are going with Benjamin Moore's White Dove. It is fairly white with a touch of cream, it really brightens up these small rooms!

I loved our previous owners, they were the sweetest, but oh my goodness, did I hate the colors they chose!!!


Honey Bunny said...

that room looks awesome! i'm so jealous. i'm really hoping that phillip and i can own a home (or even a condo) some day. but the reality is, if we want to remain in MA and close to the city, we'll have to win the lottery or get a ton of money from dead relatives.

i'm still trying to talk him into moving to minneapolis. :)

Chris said...

I love the room. I am a big fan of neutral colors, mostly because I amafraid to have to repaint again, and I think I have the whole Benjamin Moore line memorized. Every time I go to paint a room my husband says, "Let me guess, the color is in the white family."