Thursday, June 23, 2005

he did tell me not to post this, but....

Josh sent me an email this morning entitled "not fit for blog consumption" but welllllll, he is too busy attending Spanish classes to read my blog. Plus, did I mention that he has deserted me for ONE WHOLE MONTH while I slave and toil at work to pay for his exotic vacation?!?! Did I mention that?!?!

On to the story. Last night he went into his bedroom at his host family's house to study and saw a monster spider running down the wall toward the foot of his bed.

Mistake #1:
He pulled his bed away from the wall to catch the spider and when he didn't find it he pulled the covers off of the bed.

Chillin' under the covers was this little fella.

Yes, a disgusting hard shelled centipede. But being the tough man that he is, he grabbed some toilet paper and flushed said centipede down the toilet.

But, remember, he was still on the hunt for the spider.

Mistake #2:
He looked under the bed and found this little fella with three of his friends.

Ok, the truth is that I don't know what the spiders looked like, all I know is they were big and Google says this is what Costa Rican spiders look like.

Now Josh realized that he needed reinforcements, so he got some bug spray and sprayed the room from top to bottom.

Mistake #3:
He transported the spiders from his bedroom to the bathroom and found a new friend waiting for him on the tile floor.

Lets be frank here. As I have said in the past, I love my husband. In fact, I tell him often that I adore him and cannot imagine life without him. I am definitely sufrida without him. But I am just not sure that I love him enough to endure this or this.

Everyone has their limits, and I think we have glimpsed mine.

I have 9 days to find cockroach, spider and centipede repellent. Suggestions?


Ninotchka said...

OH. MY. GOD. and EWWW!

YG&B said...

gosh darn you, halloweenlover! i was EATING when i read your blog! gross! and i will have to admit, when i was in costa rica, i did see that centipede in the rain forest on a tour. our guide was all handling it and whatnot, so i will never forget. also, that cucaracha looks like the ones that used to to march haughtily about my host family's kitchen at night. thanks for bringing back the memories.

Anonymous said...

Said Husband (by the husband)...

First of all get the pictures straight...don´t show a picture of a baby centipede when mine was a FGA!! (Full Grown Adult)

Also, you weren´t the one not sleeping all night and wiping spiders off your face that weren´t really there, I just thought they were.

Crazy, I am not crazy!!

Lastly...I have decided to use my dental floss to hand the next bug that bothers my domain. I will hang the bug up as a warning of what is to come if any other bugs try to enter...Anyone think this will work?


Phantom Scribbler said...

Gulp! I would need therapy after a close encounter with any of those lovelies...

I have a bug story to share at a later date...

halloweenlover said...

We have a guest appearance by the Costa Rican deserting husband! Welcome!!! Oh, I dreamt about spiders and centipedes and cockroaches plenty last night. BLECH.

z said...

Gross gross gross. All I can say is good luck!! (I have no buggy suggestions)

Jenne said...

When we first moved into our house, we had a ton of silverfish, and house centipedes. It was nasty!
A lady at work told me to go buy a "bug bomb", set it off, then go shopping for a few hours.
But I didn't trust I had an exterminator come in. He sprayed the whole house and guaranteed it for 3 months - and it was only $80. He told me there's a church up north from here that has to be sprayed ever couple weeks because they have so many bug problems.
Anyways...after the bug guy sprayed, I didn't see anything for months. I'd recommend that. :)

liz said...

Ugh! Ick! Ewwwie!

Kristin said...

NOOOOOOOOO! Not the dreaded cockroach. I'm still shuddering, and I can't get that evil giant cockroach face out of my mind. AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! It is time to spray our house for bugs; we've had several cockroach incidents in the past few days. Eeeeek.

Honey Bunny said...

you've sufficiently freaked me out!