Monday, June 27, 2005

the not-so-master bedroom

If someone knows how to post multiple pictures on one blog through Hello and Picassa, PLEASE comment or send me an email!

For now this will work, I suppose, but its driving me a little batty.

When Josh and I bought our little white colonial money pit, there were a number of, ahem, cosmetic changes that needed to be made. There wasn't much that was wrong, per se, with the house, it just needed some help to become something that coincided with our style. We left 2 weeks after the closing until the movers came to allow us to make some of these cosmetic changes. I couldn't lift my arms above my shoulders from the pain of painting 10 hours a day.

The results have been great, though, and over the last few months it has started to feel like our home.

The master bedroom is a prime example (master is a bit of an exaggeration since my house is tiny, but lets imagine). Here is the way the room used to look.

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Truly, it is a shame that you can't see the carpet in the room. It was a bright royal blue.


Yankee T said...

I howl at the Jordan's furniture reference. Isn't that one in Natick a TRIP??? Both OD and YD think it's hysterical that a furniture store is like that! (Plus they like to go to Kellys next door and look at the aquarium)

Michelle said...

Bogger now has a way to upload right from your pc. When you post a new post, look in the toolbox line, where the link icon is. There is a new picture there. If you click it, it will pop up a new windown to upload from your pc! Hope this helps.

halloweenlover said...

ARGH!!!! I can't make it work! It keeps sending just one picture! BLAHHHH

Chris said...

Hey, I recognize that color blue from my house... was there some sort of color shortage and everyone had to buy bright blue or hot pink paint???