Friday, June 10, 2005

ahhhh... to be a summer associate again

Every summer has a story passed from inbox to inbox, whispered in law schools and conference rooms- about a summer associate gone mad. It is as if the wining and dining pushes them over the edge, making them incapable of seeing the difference between appropriate and inappropriate, sane and insane.

One summer it was a London summer associate who stopped going to work, but continued collecting paychecks for weeks, claiming he was deathly ill although he was seen out and about. Another amusing anecdote was a summer associate urinating and mooning people from the Boston Duck Tours. The summer I interned it was an email, apparently written in jest (but now legendary) that ridiculed and insulted the partners at this summer associate's NY firm.

This year, despite the fact that it is only June 10th, I believe we have found our "incident":

On a night just two weeks ago, hundreds of New York summer associates were at a very snooty charity benefit at Pier 60 in Chelsea Piers, put on by a number of law firms.

Drinks were served in abundance, and it was only a matter of time before some summer associate with a low tolerance made an egregious social faux pas in front of the partners of their firm.

What actually took place surpassed expectations.

In a drunken stupor, a girl from (names removed to protect the innocent- but lets call the firm CG- hint hint) suggested to those standing around her that they all go for a swim. This swim would take place from the restaurant's deck sitting over the Hudson River. Once off the deck it was 500 feet back to shore in fairly rough swells of very polluted water. Everyone around looked at her as if she were joking, or crazy. Despite the fact that nobody was willing to join her, she took off her shoes and dress and jumped half-naked into the River, causing, as you can imagine, widespread panic amongst everyone at the party.

The Coast Guard was called in immediately and the summer associate was arrested.

The question is, will this sort of behavior even prevent her from getting an offer from said firm at the end of the summer? Let me tell you- it takes A LOT. An awful lot, not to get an offer. Stay tuned.

Today's message: step away from the bar. Put down that drink. You've had enough.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Nice! Hadn't heard about that. Our summers tend to be straight arrows (myself included, back in the day). Good co-workers, but no fun stories to share!

Bernadette said...

The lost art of moderation should be reclaimed! It's a good thing she didn't drown!

z. said...

that's lovely. what is it about people and alcohol?

we don't hear much about the summers' bad behavior in the library. we're just not in the loop. dammit!