Tuesday, April 26, 2005

applause, please

I thought we should go over my last 24 hours...

Last weekend, when I went out and prepared my garden planting beds for my plantings, I found these terrible weeds. Big mounds of weeds with long roots that I had to violently attack with my shovel and ho and tear from the ground. I threw these weeds into a big garbage bag that I set by the back door to deposit in the yard trash. Yesterday, though, when we got back from vacation, I noticed all these green leaves poking out of the ground near where I tore up the weeds. Plus some lovely tulips and daffodils nearby. I examined the green leaves, the hubs examined the green leaves, and after a call to my mother-in-law, we determined that these lovely green leaves were in fact Hostas. Hurray! We were going to plant Hostas anyway, now we have to plant less.

But then I paused and realized that perhaps I should go look at my bag of weeds sitting by the back door. Guess what? They have matching green leaves to those out in the yard. I SPENT HOURS TEARING UP HOSTAS so that I could go to the store and buy MORE HOSTAS. Hostas were in my garden already.

So tonight and tomorrow shall see me replanting the torn up Hostas and hoping they do not die. They are chilling in buckets of water right now, and if you would like to pray to the gardening gods, I would appreciate it.

Then, my beloved heat died again last night. In case you are keeping notes, I discuss my love affair with heat here. At 10pm, I was fighting with the heating people on the phone, while they insisted that this was not, in fact, an emergency and I needed to wait until today between 10 and 4pm for them to call. Because I don't work or anything. I pitched a fit and they said they would fit me in last night, but they didn't. So when I get home tonight I will have to again call and pitch a fit and insist that it is an emergency. Fabulous.

Additionally, the hubs put a hold on our mail, after I screamed and threatened that I would NOT go pick up the held mail. I work over 12 hours a day and I just cannot deal with the additional tasks. I am difficult that way. But he ignored me and put a hold on the mail anyway, after extracting a promise from the post office that they would deliver the mail, after explaining how difficult his wife was. But guess what else? They won't deliver the mail!

So this morning I had to drive to the secret post office sorting facility to pick up the mail. I am mad and would like to punish the hubs, but there is a letter in that mail that I need, so I gave in. It took me 4 times around the block and 2 Bostonians screaming at me before I finally found this secret sorting facility. I park in someone's driveway, since it'll take 2 seconds, and run to the door.

It is locked. So I knock, then I bang, then I pound on the door, while approximately 7 people walk by inside, glance at me, and continue on. 15 minutes of pounding later, someone finally comes to the door and tells me that my held mail is not there, was never there, and no one could ever have told me to come here. We argue, while he is insisting that I am crazy, and I apparently made up the story. I am pissed at this point and start gearing up to get really angry, but then realized that there was just no point.

I get back into the car and spend the 20 minutes to work mumbling about what I am going to tell the post office when I call them from the office. Half an hour late at this point, I march in and dial the held mail number prepared to let 'er rip. Oops! Another guess what! The mail WAS there and the guy just didn't want to check for it! "Sorry for the misunderstanding, but you can come back and get it now."

It only took one full minute of hysteria before the helpful woman suggested that they might be able to go against policy and deliver the held mail. Hmmm, yes, I think it may be in all of our best interests for me NOT to come down to their facility again. G-d bless the post office.

Oh, and this post? Blogger ate it the first time, so I had to write it twice.

And all this before 9:30 am. I would go home and go back to bed, but its freezing in my house. I'll just stay at work instead.


aspiring go go said...

Go Go dancer is DA BOMB! She brought out the go go dancer in me when we met, and I've never been the same since, and I can't thank her enough. Also, she could kick the asses of those a--holes at the office if she wanted to, but she doesn't. amazing self-control.