Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm back!

After a terrible few days with a sick puppy in the vet hospital, we left for a week of vacation to Florida. I soooo needed that little break.

We went to Sarasota, Florida, where the in-laws live, but we snuck away to a hotel for a couple of days to spend some time alone and relaxing. Then we visited friends in Naples, Florida, who have 3 dogs. 3! Dogs! In addition to our 2! It was a madhouse, but we laughed pretty much nonstop from start to finish. Then we headed back to Sarasota to celebrate Passover with family. That was also a madhouse with niece, nephew, cousins, sister and brother in law and all the parents. Phew. I need a vacation after my vacation.

I also told the hubs to go ahead and schedule a vasectomy after our crazy weekend with all the kids, but that is another story.

We had lots of fun and Murray was far better from his experience of being sick the week before. And we are rested and relaxed and happy.

So please forgive my little hiatus from blogging, I have lots of silly stories to make it up to you!