Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Just call me Bobble

During my trip to California a couple of weeks ago, I had 4 people comment on how I looked far too young to be a lawyer. Before you start throwing things, I will admit that, of course, looking young makes me happy. But when one of the main purposes of your job is to inspire confidence in those people for whom you are working, looking young is NOT such a good thing.

If I looked a couple of years younger I would be fine with it. But at the airport security checkpoint the helpful man asked if I needed my mom to come back to the gate with me. Because he thought I was under 18. And at the movies, I had my arm threaded through my mom's and another mother with her teenage daughter said "See, Sarah, we can be friends!" Her daughter replied, "yes we can, EVENTUALLY!" We all had a hearty laugh over that, and then the teenage daughter asked me what grade I was in.

So when I got back to Boston, I decided that I had to do something about this. I could wear more makeup, but let's be frank. I am damn lazy about getting ready in the mornings. I could change my wardrobe, but between our taxes and the hubs imminent schooling, I don't have extra money. Changing my hair seemed to be the best idea.

I made an appointment this weekend to get my hair cut and told my hairdresser that I needed to look older. Her suggestion was to go shorter and do layers. So layered and shorter we went. And now? I look like a bobble head. You know those dolls that have huge heads on their little bodies and the heads bob when you tap them? Yup, thats me. To my surprise, when my hair gets shorter it also gets more body. To a person with stick straight hair, this was shocking. And since there are loads of shorter layers, there is a lot of body. The top and sides of my head are very full bodied hair and the bottom layers hang normal and straight.

The hubs says I look fine, and I have resorted to pressing down on my hair intermittently to make it lay flatter.

I know, I know, it'll grow out. At least I look like an older bobble head.