Monday, April 11, 2005

Don't jinx it!

Thank you, thank you Mother Nature. It looks like spring may, possibly, potentially, hopefully have arrived. This Sunday was a GLORIOUS 74 degrees! We went to a friend's house for lunch and ended up sitting outside in this miracle weather and I was hot. HOT! Can you believe it?

We came home and I spent hours in the backyard in shorts working in the garden. I use the term garden loosely, because my garden consists of a mound of dirt full of weeds. So today I am walking like an 85 year old because my back hurts so much from shoveling holes in the dirt and throwing compost down in the holes. Well, kindof.

After reading my gardening magazines and books obsessively for weeks, I went into the backyard determined to dig some big holes, shovel in compost, and fill the holes back in, just as the diagrams show. The problems started when I couldn't even get the shovel into the ground, it was so full of weeds and roots. I tried for an hour to dig a hole, but finally settled for taking my plow, unsettling the dirt, throwing compost on top, and using the ho to spread it around. The hubs and I walk around making jokes about our ho all day long, by the way.

Who knew that dirt was so heavy? And hard to move around? And horror of horrors, FULL OF WORMS?!?!? ACK! Every few minutes another disgusting little slimy worm is unearthed and I have to keep from gagging. They are so ugly and creepy. The hubs thinks this distaste for worms is highly amusing and just chuckles as I gag. I fear that this may get in the way of my gardening dreams, but we'll see. I purchased some lovely spring green gloves to keep the worms from my skin. I think I'll be fine (and fashionable).

If all else fails, I will teach Tango and Murray to start killing worms on command.

Hurray for spring!!!


zeebah said...

Oh no! Don't kill the worms! (Unless they're bad ones like slugs or millipedes) They're like your own little army of soil aerators!

halloweenlover said...

I know I can't really kill them but they are just sooooo gross! In fact, when I kept unearthing worms, it made me feel better about the fact that I couldn't turn the soil over and mix in as much compost as I would have liked. I figure that they are making my soil fertile for me. But still, yuck!

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