Friday, April 29, 2005

he is a sucker for me

All this last week the Hubs has been taunting me with a surprise. He refused to tell me until he got back from the business trip he has been on since Monday morning. Hence why I was left to deal with broken heat and dying hostas and all the rest.

THEN last night he went out for drinks with a friend before he came home from the airport, so I was sufficiently tortured by the time he got home and desperate to know what it was.

I received a little white package wrapped in tissue paper and tape.

And... (drum roll please)


I practically spit with excitement and I can't bring myself to eat it just yet, so it is sitting in a china bowl in our dining room for all the world to admire its glory (you can see it on Flickr at the left).

I knew he was a sucker for me, and he tells me he is a sucker for me, but this is concrete PROOF of his suckerness.

Thank you hubs.


Witty Wanderer said...

Umm, well, it was sitting in a china bowl for all to see...

now all it can see is the inside of me!!

The Hubs

Anonymous said...

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