Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I've been remiss...

I know I've neglected my blog over the last week or so, but I have excuses. Loads of excuses. I went on my first vacation (yippee!) since I moved to Boston in July! Going on vacation required me to be at work until all hours of the night, plus packing, plus preparing the dogs to be left alone with the hubs (very dangerous). It was only 4 days in California visiting my parents, but vacation it was, nonetheless. Of course, for the weeks leading up to my visits the weather was lovely and warm but for the 4 days I was there it rained and temperatures dipped. Sigh. But temperatures dipping in California still beats snow in Boston! YAY!

I even conned the folks into giving me an Easter basket. Considering that the hubs is Jewish, there aren't many Easter baskets coming from him. I loved my basket, but I have to admit that the contents were a bit odd. It contained chocolate eggs, drink coasters from Ikea, a makeup eye pencil, a book for storing recipes, a book on how to arrange your storage spaces, a cookbook, a book of cleaning tips, other random little gifts and a chocolate bunny. All in a lovely white basket that my mom said I couldn't keep. Plus she informed me that the pants she bought me the day before Easter at Banana Republic went in the Easter basket too. I bet that beats your Easter basket from Walgreens, no?

The only thing missing, much to my sadness, was a Cadbury Egg. I have been requesting Cadbury Eggs for days, but my parents couldn't find one. So they placed a call to the hubs who went to 8 stores to find Cadbury eggs and couldn't find one. The store clerks told him they were sold out. WHAT? Sold out? Of Cadbury Eggs? Who is eating all the Cadbury Eggs? Everyone I mention them to makes a disgusted face and tells me they can't believe I like them. So either all you people are closet Cadbury Egg eaters, or there is a conspiracy against me.

Please... if anyone out there is reading my blog and you come across Cadbury Eggs, send me the location! I am in withdrawal over here!!!