Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy March!

It is snowing AGAIN today. Lest you think, however, that there has been no snow since my last post about the blizzard in January. There has been. Buckets. Inches and feet of snow.

I am not a snow hater normally. In fact, I think snow is beautiful. I love to take pictures of the way the snow covers branches and makes this sort of magical white wonderland. Our backyard now faces lots of other backyards, with no houses in the way, so you see lots of greenery and branches covered in snow. It is really lovely.

Last night, though, when they announced this winter storm watch and projected 8-12 inches of snow, after last week's 6 inches of snow, and the week before's 8 inches of snow, I felt a little itty-bit tired of all the snow. The hubs is out of town too, so this found me in our driveway shoveling snow before I left for work. I also feel less motivated to shovel because I know I only shovel for our mailman, and he brings nothing but bills these days. I can get out of our driveway without shoveling, thanks to the trusty all-wheel-drive. So maybe if mr. mailman brought me some packages, I'd be more amenable to the shoveling.

In my quest to look forward to spring, since today is March 1st (woohoo)! I have been planning and plotting out our future garden. This is a source of great excitement for me, since (a) I adore plants and flowers and (b) I've never had a garden. I have been especially excited lately since I have discovered that there are mail order nurseries where you can order all your plants and flower colors and shrubs and then they deliver them to your home all nice and ready for planting. And get this, at the perfect time for planting too. They determine what area you are in,when the last frost is likely to hit, and the plants arrive about a week from planting time. Maybe you already knew this- I am thoroughly impressed.

All of this means that I harass the hubs at night and on the weekends about what flowers we should get. I show him pictures and he just nods in this uninterested way or comments about too much color or too bushy or something and then changes the subject. This has been going on for a few weeks, probably since before Valentine's day. I haven't protested much since it is rather fun to research all the different flowers and plants and trees, and it keeps my mind off all the snow and the fact that I haven't seen our grass in 4 months.

This weekend we took a trip to Home Depot, though, and to my great pleasure there was a Martha Stewart Living Gardening Edition. HOORAH!! Martha Stewart AND gardening, it was practically perfect. When we got home, I hunkered down with my Martha Stewart, the hubs with his ESPN, and it was a perfect afternoon. We had ten minutes of peace until I got to the prologue from the editor about March and the magazine and I accosted the hubs with the information that "MARTHA HAS ALREADY ORDERED HER SEEDS FROM PRISON!!!!"

Seeds. Ordered. I will not be outdone.


Anonymous said...

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