Thursday, March 31, 2005

and you thought YOU took politics seriously!

My fabulous friend T just emailed me this link and suggested that perhaps we should just sell Florida off to another country so that they can stop creating national drama (Elian, Bush v. Gore, Terri Schiavo, etc.) and stop producing idiots like this guy.

I hate Bush with quite a bit of passion, but I just cannot imagine attacking anyone over it.

Well, perhaps the Louisville, KY guy who found out that the hubs is from Massachusetts and told him that he had to vote his morals because "we ain't supposed to be killin' babies and them gays shouldn't be gettin' married." Maybe him.

And the fear of having someone like him as my neighbor is why I live in Massachusetts, my friends.


z. said...

Geez. That guy had a screw loose. Chances are good he would've attacked for some reason.

I like how his attorney mentioned that the attacker's family were all military. As if that's a good excuse. You couldn't possibly support Kerry and the military!

Guys like that give attorneys a bad name.

Michelle in Dallas said...

I wanna move to Massachusetts. :( Just wish it were in the south.

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