Monday, May 09, 2005

utter stupidity

A few weeks ago I decided to start seedlings for all the plants I hope to grow this summer- hurray!

So I got out my little seed starter kit and put lots of seeds into their prospective little dirt piles. The seed starter kit is this cool little contraption in a miniature greenhouse with little dried mounds of dirt to which you add water and a seed, and voila! Miniature greenhouse with growing seeds. Then you just pick up the little mound of dirt, somehow held together into a little solid structure and plant it in the ground. I can't find the exact kit that I used, but something like this.

I have loads of seeds: basil, sage, diva cucumbers, cat grass (for the dogs), pumpkins, sunflowers, thyme, lemongrass and lots of others I can't remember right now. I spent about an hour planting them all, watering them and wishing them lots of luck in their growing endeavors.

Long story short, they are growing like crazy! It is still cold outside, but I am going to have to transplant them soon because they are too big to keep the top of the greenhouse on them anymore. And they want light light light and we don't have enough indoors, so I am begging Boston weather to improve.

One little snag, though. In my moment of sheer and utter stupidity, I started all the seeds in my little greenhouse BUT DIDN'T LABEL THEM. Now I have loads of beautiful seedlings, and no *$%@&# idea what they are. Suggestions? The hubs thinks I should just plant them outside and wait to see who sprouts cucumbers and who doesn't. But I wanted to keep the vegetables outside and the herbs inside!!! Stupid stupid stupid!!! You see what happens when you waste all your brain sells on stock purchase agreements and investors' rights?



YG&B said...

ummm....dork. ha ha!!