Friday, May 20, 2005

in other news


Well, until Monday May 31st, when I start at my new job. BUT, my new job will be wonderful and exciting and DOWNTOWN!!!

Do you know what DOWNTOWN means??? It means THIS. And THIS. And THIS. And a little of THIS, sprinkled with some of THIS.

I love downtown Boston. We sacrificed on the size and state of our house in order to live closer to downtown, but we still don't get in enough. And now that my office will be downtown, it means that I can do all the fun stuff when I get off of work. Which is never, but still, a girl can dream.


YG&B said...

congratulations! you totally deserve it. and i know that you are too gracious to burn any bridges, but in honor of a wonderful and inspiring departure memo, "may the bridges [you] burn today be seen far and wide..." congrats!

Deviant Law Student said...

It also means this!

sarcastic journalist said...

Can I visit? Please? Pretty Please? I'll even pet your doggies and I totally won't make fun of them.

z said...

congratulations! enjoy your break!