Tuesday, May 03, 2005

my boring house to-dos

I always have lists and lists of things I want to do swirling around in my head, so I thought I should put it down on paper. Easier to manage the moolah we need to finish these projects this way too!

1. Paint trim throughout the house (ack, so much work)
2. Replace faucets in Upstairs Bathroom
3. Replace faucets in Downstairs Bathroom
4. Retile Downstairs Bathroom
5. Retile Upstairs Bathroom
6. Retile Kitchen
7. Tile the Basement (may need to move up the list since the weather is getting better)
8. Paint the risers on the stairs (make hubs buy me the sander to get it done)
9. Plant perennials in back yard and front yard
10. Paint front door red (may be soon, since weather is getting better)
11. Paint garage floor with garage floor paint
12. Repaint shutters so they are all the same color (I know, can you imagine? blech)
13. Touch up living room paint
14. Touch up dining room paint
15. Paint little room
16. Paint Basement
17. Paint ceiling basement
18. Paint laundry room
19. Reorganize basement
20. Reorganize laundry room
21. Create better storage system
22. Organize work room (set up gardening area for tools and dirt)
23. Replace bathroom knobs and tiny knobs in living room and dining room (maybe Restoration Hardware?)
24. Replace kitchen light fixtures

And then probably sell the house and move to Florida since I will be retired by the time I get all this done.