Tuesday, May 03, 2005

poke poke poke

For the past year and a half, my in-laws have been in the process of building a home in the Berkshires. For those of you unfamiliar with the Berkshires, it is a lovely region in western Massachusetts, filled with adorable towns and shops and vineyards and B&Bs and lots of nature. It is very cute.

Recently, it has become quite a hot bed for people who winter in one place and summer in another to move there as their summer home. As the New York Times put it, it is apparently the "new Hamptons". I doubt my in-laws chose it for that reason, because truthfully they love the Boston Pops and Lenox (in the Berkshires) is the summer home for the Boston Pops. Plus they figured that if they summered in a summery vacation spot, friends would come and visit for several days at a time and allow them to have lots of quality time. And they think it is beautiful.

2 weeks ago the house was finished, so this weekend we went up to visit and help unpack, since the movers delivered everything on Thursday. And I love it! It is a gorgeous house in a gorgeous setting that feels very homey with just the right blend of comfort and a farm-housey look. We had a very nice visit, although a little too much unpacking for me, since I am averse to work on the weekends, but regardless, it was a very nice visit.

On Saturday morning, though, we woke up and the Hubs went to take a shower in the other bedroom and bathroom on the second floor (our bedroom's bathroom isn't finished) and I wandered out into the loft area on the second floor and looked down to the first floor and listened for people noises. Nothing. The Hubs came out and as I flopped back onto the bed, I asked where everyone was. He sort of mumbled a response, but I did hear something about "taking stuff down to the dump" or some such. I think because it is a country setting there is no garbage pick-up or something like that. Anyway, I got up and walked to the other bedroom and bathroom to take a shower and after stripping off my clothes and turning on the water, I heard car sounds coming down the road. I ran into the bedroom to look out the window and saw my in-law's jeep turning the corner.

I was in a playful mood, so I ran (buck naked) down the hall and across the loft area above the first floor into the bedroom where the Hubs was getting dressed, screeching while I ran "they're coming back! They're coming back! Quick! Quick! Lets get a quick poke in before they get here!" and then I ran back (buck naked) to the bathroom across the loft and on the other side of the floor.

In mid-run (buck naked) across the (open) loft, I hear my mother-in-law calling up from the first floor (where she had been the whole time) "what is all that noise? What is going on up there?" I kind of paused in mid-run, after successfully making it behind the wall to hide the nakedness and called down some vague answer of "ohhhh, nothing, just being silly. Umm, gotta take a shower!" And ran into the bathroom.

A few minutes later the Hubs wanders into the bathroom and tells me that he knew she was there the whole time, but thought it was funny that I was running naked and screeching across the second floor. I'm soooooo glad that he got his amusement. And I would like to never speak of this moment again and thank all the gods of the universe for either not letting my mother-in-law see me naked, or for her ignoring the whole thing and not mentioning it again.

Thank you.


Honey Bunny said...

that's EXACTLY something that i would do! but with my luck, my fiance's entire family would have been there, watching me.