Friday, May 06, 2005

i heart sting

Last night we went to see Sting with some friends, and geez, that man is so hot. And he is old! But hot nonetheless. My only complaint was that we bought his new album and made ourselves listen to it nonstop for the past couple of months so we would know everything he played, and then he only played old Police stuff. Not that I don't love some of that old Police stuff, but still, $15 bucks down the drain.

He did play Fields of Gold, Every Breath You Take, Sending Out an SOS, and then some old ones we didn't know.

And he played at the new Boston University arena, which isn't too big, AND they had sweet potato fries! Sweet potato fries! And Dr. Pepper! At a concert! It was like the arena people just wanted me to be happy : )

I had a hard time relaxing because of the drama at work, but by the end I was bopping along like everyone else. Now I am just dying for the weekend to get here. I need to sleep sleep sleep and just worry about nothing for a couple of days. Oh, and play with the pups. Nothing can cheer me up like my pups can. They are sure-fire mood improvers.

* I'll put up pics of the stage in Flickr in a bit! Sting rocks!