Wednesday, May 18, 2005

an end to the madness

I have a little secret. I've been keeping it because I am a bit afraid of crazy internet stalkers, even though I am fairly secretive about location and names. But still, my mom, she done taught me to be paranoid, so paranoid I am.

Anyway, my secret is that the hubs is a consultant.

What? So boring? Well, yes, I suppose it is. But being a consultant means that he is away starting in the wee hours of Monday morning to the late hours of Thursday night. It means that I am all by my lonesome in our tiny house, at the mercy of the crazy masturbators that haunt the neighborhood. It also means that for the almost 3 years we have been married, including 2 years before then, we have been a 50% of the time kind of couple. I call it our trial marriage.

But now the time to share this secret has come because this Friday is the last day of his job. Which means that I will now be in a full-time marriage. Oooooh, very scary.

You can laugh, but it is a little scary. Scary and wonderful at the same time. You see, traveling was awful for a number of reasons.
1. We had to be apart during the week.
2. All tasks like paying bills, cleaning house, seeing friends, fixing the heat, getting nooky, etc. have to be left to weekends.
3. I miss him.
4. I have to do lots of things by myself.
5. I want him to be home with me.
6. He is tired when he gets home and doesn't feel like going away for the weekend or taking a road trip because he has been away all week.
7. My bed is lonely without him.
8. He can't help with the dogs or emergencies.

And did I mention that I love him and I miss him?

Traveling wasn't a bad thing for a few reasons, though:
1. We really make an effort on the weekends to spend quality time together (not that others don't, but we had to try super hard every weekend).
2. We have had to learn to solve problems by talking through them extensively, often on the phone (this really is a big deal, because we couldn't just huff or yell our way through bumps in the road, it took learning good communication skills).
3. Made us appreciate the times we spend together more than we would have otherwise (not that you, dear internet, don't appreciate time with a significant other, but we wouldn't have).
4. Keeping very individual lives and personalities (couldn't become too dependent on each other).
5. Frequent flier miles + frequent stay points at hotels = free vacations.
6. Allowed us to live in Boston, MA, New Haven, CT, New York, NY, and now secret suburb, MA (i.e. move around like crazy people) without worrying about his job.

All these travel perks were great, but I am beyond ready for him to be home with me full-time. I am ecstatic at the thought of sleeping together every night, eating meals more than 3 nights a week together, waking up with him, and most importantly, doing normal couple things during the week. Hurray! It also means that I will be more willing to go away without him on a weekend, or make plans with other people, since I'll see him other days besides Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Plus, he is leaving his job to be a full-time MBA student, and that totally means I can boss him around. I mean, I'll be working, so I think he should have to walk the dogs and do the laundry and take out the trash, right?

But the real reason I had to share this secret, or the end of this secret, is because a friend pointed out that I make him seem rather lazy on this blog since I talk about having to do so much. And now you know the truth. I have had to do so much because he is off visiting exotic places like Louisville, KY, or Binghamton, NY, or Madison, WI. I trust that he would rather be with me to help with the broken heat, but this has been his reality for 5 years.

So Friday evening, feel free to have a drink to the end of this crazy commuting schedule and send me suggestions for how we should celebrate! Ummm, besides nooky, I already have that one down.


Honey Bunny said...

this is how i felt for two years when p and i were dating but not living together. we saw each other like 4 days out of the week, which wasn't bad, but we wanted more. once we moved in together it was awesome. sure, we had our probs, but they are a thing of the past now.

you and the hubs should really venture back to your old neighborhood. there's a new restaurant that where the brazilian place used to be (across from brown sugar). it's northern italian and OH MY GOD is it delicious! the place is romantic and it's pretty well priced. Trattoria Toscana 130 Jersey St.

we ate there again last night for dinner. unbelievable food. that is, if you like italian (and i do) :)

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