Monday, May 23, 2005

is it wrong that I feel like vomiting?

My friend, A, just called me and she is on her way to the hospital in labor. She said that she has been having contractions since yesterday morning but as of last night she was only one centimeter dilated. I am really happy for her because she has been ready to post an eviction notice on her belly any day now, but now I am a huge bundle of nerves. I also feel sick to my stomach! I will go about my business for a few minutes and then remember that she is in labor and I have to struggle not to puke. I am just a bit ill at the thought of her in pain, even though I know the end result is worth it.

Blech. And this, I suppose, is why I don't have a baby yet. I have to stop wanting to puke at the thought of labor. Positive thoughts folks, positive thoughts for A, her hubs, and her (hopefully doc not wrong) baby girl!


YG&B said...

i didn't know A was so far along! it's time already? woo hoo, that's fab. is she done yet or is she still in labor? you know i think it's superscary to be in labor, but just so long as the doctor picks me i'll be sure to come out of it.