Friday, May 20, 2005

who the hell asked her?

I would like to know who told Dr. Elisabeth Lloyd that what this world needed was an study stating that the female orgasm is archaic and unnecessary.

Seriously. Who told her to waste her time, energy, and brain power on a thesis that encourages people to ignore the female orgasm? I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. Please send their address also.

What would be helpful is a study that finds that humankind will suffer, crash, and burn if a woman doesn't have the big O EACH AND EVERY TIME she has sex.

In fact, I'd be willing to send some funds to such a study. Heck, I'd be willing to wreak a little havoc each time I am not fully satisfied.* Any joiners?

*to me dear sweet hubs, not that I am EVER EVER EVER not fully satisfied. I am just pretending for the sake of this blog. Kisses.


YG&B said...

omigod, halloweenlover, you are CRACKING me up!! the good doctor is obviously suffering from one of the many maladies-that no one thinks are worth studying-that prevent women from enjoying sex. she is bitter about it and thinks the entire thing should be wiped out. we must pity, not depise, her.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent rant. Not. Proper understanding of science. Not. Evident need to shut up. Yes.