Wednesday, August 03, 2005

cake, cake and more cake

We decided not to go whale watching this past weekend and postponed the trip to 2 weekends from now. I decided to take yours and my own advice and let myself relax at least a little bit on the weekends from now on. I am trying valiantly to not worry myself silly anymore over incomplete house projects and enjoy the summer. If that means that the trim doesn't get painted until later this year, I'll survive. If finishing the basement sprawls over a few weekends, I'll just have to live with that. I cannot make myself crazy in the little bit of free time that I have.

This weekend was still busy, but manageably so. And the busy parts were nice and calming. On Friday night friends came over for dinner and we sat outside on our patio for hours, just munching away at hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad and guacamole. Saturday, after my blogger meetup with Phantom Scribbler and Adorable Offspring, another five friends came over and we had a repeat of sitting outside enjoying the mild weather. We did a lot of staring at our friends' baby and marveling at what a genius she already is at 8 weeks. We ate and ate and ate some more. Then, just as our friends were leaving, our Fun Neighbors came over with their son and we did some more sitting outside, eating and chatting. Our neighborhood is a mostly older population, although the number of young families is growing. Our Fun Neighbors are terrific, and any time we can arrange a get together, we do so. They have the cutest two year old son, who is quite smitten with Josh. He gives him voluntary (and very sweet) hugs and tries to impress him with his bubble-blowing prowess.

Josh made me this amazing cake for Friday and Saturday night festivities, isn't it adorable? He is the sweetest! He didn't even use a mold! He just baked a big sheet cake and then cut out all the little pieces. I love it! And just in case you were wondering, the red ball in the upper corner is the sun : )

Our friend A made me another delicious cake (that I unfortunately didn't get a picture of) that she baked and decorated herself! Cake, as we all know, makes for a fantastic day, and both were scrumptious.

We loved having company over (and it is fairly rare), but it made for a busy couple of days, and that is why I asked if we could postpone the sightseeing trip. Instead, we ran some errands including taking a tile class at Home Depot, picking out coffee table and side tables, a trip to the (deeply loved) Container Store and a much needed reorganization of the linen closet.

I also sat around for 3 hours, snuggled with my pups and watched 3 episodes of Law and Order. All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. I felt relaxed starting work this week, and happy with my decision, particularly since we are out of town again this weekend. We are off to Miami to attend the wedding of one of my dearest friends, whom I'll tell you about in my next post.

Miami (and more cake), here we come!

** And on the ungrateful bitch thing, guess which gift I have used EVERY SINGLE DAY since I received it? Yup, you guessed it. The avocado peeler.


Honey Bunny said...

that's seriously the sweetest cake i've ever seen!

z said...

Yay cake!

You are a crazy woman with all the house stuff! You definitely should take it slow... give yourself time to relax and have fun! Your house is for you, so you should enjoy it and not get stressed!

Chatty Cricket said...

The house looks FANTASTIC. Don't make me come over there and hide the paintbrushes, etc.

I think the avocado peeler and slicer was just a poorly veiled and shameless attempt on the hubby's part to get you to make guacamole every day. You make one mean guacamole, my friend. He's brilliant!

Phantom Scribbler said...

I LOVE the cake. Admit it: was Josh a child star on Zoom? LG would give his left arm if I'd make a cake like that (and he doesn't even *like* cake).

I'm so glad you relaxed a little last weekend! WE had such a great time with you and the doggies. I hope the Miami trip doesn't make you feel too crazy on your return!

We are also deeply in love with the Container Store.

Running2Ks said...


Bethiclaus said...

The Container Store, Law & Order and avocados! That is so my idea of the best day off ever!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Ah! The infamous avocado peeler! See how well he knows you? ;-)

Ninotchka said...

OK, he rocks for baking you such a sweet cake!

And you're going to Miami, my hometown! How fun. :)

C-Fabulous said...

Hubs is the new, ankle braclet free Martha Stewart. Please bring me back a hot, professional latino man from Miami. Preferably straight and unmarried.

Limon de Campo said...

What an amazing cake--too good to eat, of course.

KLee said...

MMMmmmmmmm....cake. Not only is it cake, but it's a *happy* looking cake! How can you go wrong with a giant sunflower?! As pretty to look at as it is to eat!

I give you props on using the avacado peeler. Hey -- who knew?

Um...are you gonna *share* some of that cake? Throw me a slice!

RussianViolets said...

Cake is good. I miss cake.

kalisekj said...

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