Wednesday, August 24, 2005

why I haven't posted

Lets do a recap of my day:

6:15am: Josh gets up, makes big racket getting out of bed, leaves to take shower.

6:35am: Josh comes back, makes big racket getting dressed, decides to pet dogs while they are in bed with me, initiates play with them.

6:45am: Josh's alarm goes off because all he did was push snooze instead of turn it off, he makes a racket running up the stairs and into the room to turn it off.

7:00am: Josh comes into bedroom and sweetly tries to get me to wake up.

7:03am: Halloweenlover is alternating between ignoring him and snarling at him about keeping me up all this time.

7:05am: Wake up, take shower, trudge through getting ready. Head pounds.

7:25am: Put purse and work papers by the front door in preparation to leave, go to kitchen to grab breakfast.

7:30am: Rush out the door to drop HL at train so that Josh can get to class.

7:37am: Exit car and begin walking to train, and realize that work papers are still propped by the front door. Start screaming, waving arms and frantically running after the car.

7:42am: Josh drops HL off for the second time at the train, after rushing home to pick up work papers and ensure that HL doesn't get fired.

7:45-8:15am: Struggle not to vomit on the subway.

8:20am: Arrive at work, wonder how people deal with allergies and how it is possible that allergies could hit so hard and so fast for the first time ever.

8:30-11am: Work feverishly, start to feel lightheaded and achy.

12pm: Attend work lunch meeting, struggle not to fall asleep.

1pm: Begin to wonder whether perhaps this is a cold or the flu because whole body aches and head is throbbing.

Time passes v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

3:45pm: Close office door to put head on desk and wonder what is an acceptable time to leave the office if I think I am dying.

4:02pm: Recall that I stopped taking the anti-malaria pills because they made my stomach hurt. Begin to question reasoning there.

4:05pm: Research malaria symptoms.

4:10pm: Figure that I probably don't have malaria, but maybe I'll go home anyway.

4:57pm: And here we are, waiting for Josh to call me so that I can beg him to PICK ME UP PLEASE SO THAT I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THE TRAIN AND POSSIBLY DIE ON THE WAY.

I don't know. Help me Internet, can allergies make you want to curl up under your desk from the achiness and the tiredness and the head throbbing and the throat hurting? How could I be sick in August? Could it be a combination of the two?


Running2Ks said...

Allergies do it to me. I take a daily claritin now--with my singulair.

And the snooze button should be shot!

I'm sorry you feel cruddy!

Songbird said...

The body aches and light-headedness suggest a virus, which is what I have had. Are you coughing? That's the symptom cluster for a brutal cold virus currently circulating somewhat north of you.
Feel better soon!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I was feeling tired all day, and my throat hurts a bit. I took my temperature when I got home, and it was 100.2. Joy.

Sorry about your crappy day. :-(

Phantom Scribbler said...

I hope you feel better soon, poor baby.

It definitely doesn't sound like allergies -- it sounds like a big, bad virus. Allergies can make your throat and head hurt, and make you so tired that you would actually fall asleep at your desk. (Not that I would know that from experience or anything.) But the body aches? Not allergies.

An antihistamine like Benadryl wouldn't hurt (especially if you plan to call in sick tomorrow, and would like to sleep through Josh's morning noise). But besides that? Take a nice cup of tea, and call your doctor in the morning. (Not that there's anything he/she can do if it's a bad cold or the flu... but at least you can get a doctor's note to get you out of work!)

Ninotchka said...

Sweetie! I'm sorry you felt so bad. Sounds like a sinus infection to me (especially with the pounding head and achiness).

Feel better, K?

Chatty Cricket said...

You know my theory!!


purple_kangaroo said...

Oh, how miserable. I hope you feel better!

Rana said...

Ugh. Poor you.

Sounds like a virus to me, too. My bout of allergies made me headachy and sinus-cloggy and cross, but I never felt actively _unwell_ -- it takes a flu to do that.

I hope you're feeling better!