Monday, August 08, 2005

best. weekend. ever.

After receiving my acceptance to law school, we were invited to an admitted students weekend to attend classes and receive a brief orientation into the program. My law school was my top choice, so there wasn't much need to visit, but I didn't want to turn down an opportunity to meet future classmates. Each admitted student requesting housing would stay with a current student, and due to a housing mixup, at my house there would be two admitted students. That afternoon I met Carolina.

Within minutes of meeting each other, we hit it off. We determined that we had loads in common, such as a shared Argentine heritage, long-term significant others, a love of jokes and laughter, and easy-going personalities. We spent the couple of days together comparing notes on people we'd met and whom we liked and disliked. We were even hit on by the same scummy student that we both couldn't stand. By the end of the weekend we'd decided that we would take a risk and live together the next year. We made an appointment at one apartment complex near the law school, chose an apartment and signed up.

Looking back, I can hardly believe that we did this. We barely knew each other and given my normally reserved and calculating decision-making, this was a rarity. But it was one of the best decisions I made during those few years of law school.

We had a BLAST. We threw parties, had dinner get-togethers, went out with friends separately and together. We cultivated other friendships, particularly with those people in our small groups, but spent loads of time together late at night chatting and gossiping. She was sweet as could be about Josh visiting every other weekend and she was never difficult or messy or short-tempered. We applied and were accepted to a program that allowed us to attend law school in Chile, Argentina and Brazil and begged to be permitted to stay with the same host family. So for 5 weeks we spent practically every moment together, attending classes and functions, touring the cities, going out dancing or to dinners. We lived together for two years and got into one argument over who had to sleep where while in Chile, and ended up laughing about it 5 minutes later. It was a wonderful friendship, and many of my fondest memories of law school were with her.

At the end of our second year, I got married, so she moved into a different apartment in the same building and Josh and I lived just a few floors away. We still visited each other often, and she came up to help me adjust to life with a puppy (Tango) and a husband. That year was hard on her. She started to dislike the city we lived in, classes were less meaningful and more "fluff", she wasn't dating anyone special, she hated the weather, and missed her family and friends in Miami.

I was sad to see her go, but happy that she was excited about starting life anew in Miami. In a fitting tribute to our law school years, we marched together into our graduation ceremonies and went out to dinner with both families to an Argentine restaurant in town.

She started work at a law firm in Miami, and within just a couple of months of being home, began dating a wonderful man. Almost immediately I saw a change in her personality. She was so calm and happy, so at peace with herself and her relationship with him. A year later he proposed, and this weekend they were married.

In January, I visited Miami and went to bridal salons with her to try on dresses. Her dress was stunning and beautiful when she tried it on at the store, but nothing prepared me for the moment when they swung the doors open at her wedding. She was breathtaking. In true Carolina fashion, she didn't wear a veil or excessive jewelry, and wore her hair up with ringlets falling around her neck. The dress was simple, a strapless a-line, with a top layer of lace that sparkled as she entered the room. But best of all, she was radiant with happiness. Literally glowing. I couldn't stop the tears the moment I caught sight of her.

Another dear friend and I couldn't stop saying how happy we are that she is so happy. We couldn't ask for anything else for her, and no one deserves it more. So loads of Congratulations to the wonderful couple, and I am so happy that I was able to share the celebration!


YG&B said...

OMG, i LOVE your new format! it's wonderful wonderful wonderful!

YG&B said...

AND the wedding was wonderful. Carolina was absolutely regal and totally relaxed. plus, in miami we got to see lots of people in various states of dress (and undress).

KathyR said...

Yes, very cool look! Clap, clap, clap!

I have not spoken to anyone I went to law school with in years. I don't miss the wankers, either.

Sorry, maybe I should have gone with you!

SpookyRach said...

What a great friendship. Hope it continues for many years!

Ninotchka said...

Your friendship sounds so special. Did I tell you that Carolina is one of my favorite names for a girl? I love it so much but I don't think Guy loves it as much as I. But I digress, you were in my HOMETOWN this weekend. WAHOOO! Glad you fun sweetie.

Love the new look!

Chatty Cricket said...

Tra laaaa! What a fabulous blog! I love the new design!!

Ahhh, I got so excited to hear about the wedding. I don't know Carolina, but I do know what a wonderful friend she's been to you, so I am thrilled to hear that she had such an amazing wedding. Happy you and the Hubs had fun in Miami!

Phantom Scribbler said...

I'm so glad you had a great time at the wedding. What a wonderful friendship to go along with your law degree!

Yankee T said...

Excellent story. As you know, I love friendship stories. Any happy story, actually.

halloweenlover said...

Thank you! I love it too!

And Welcome Kathyr! You should have gone to law school with me, I met the most fabulous people I've ever known. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Chris said...

Love the new look! What a wonderful friendship. My daughter's middle name is Caroline :-)

liz said...

Love, love, love the new format!

And this post is beautiful, just beautiful.

RussianViolets said...

This post is so inspiring and wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.