Tuesday, August 16, 2005

whisk me away

Do you think I am allowed to complain about not getting to be on vacation this week? I thought not.

But I don't feel like working, and I had to get up very very early to drop someone off at the airport this morning, and I'm very sleepy, and very grumpy, and my favorite friend from work is leaving to get married at the end of today (selfish bitch) so I will be sad for the next two weeks while she is on her honeymoon, and I can't think of anything to write.

I need to tell you about how last week I realized what a great job I have, but I can't seem to finish that thought.

I also need to tell you some funny stories about my law school friends, but I'm too tired.

One thought I am able to complete, I think it is funny how these silly memes actually let you catch glimpses into people's personalities. I don't generally think too much about my answers, but after reading so many different responses to the same meme, I am amazed at how many differing answers we can give. I have known Chatty Cricket for 9 years now (oh my goodness) and didn't know many of the answers she gave to the meme. In fact, I called her up in shock when I read that she didn't love to travel, because I was so surprised. As we discussed traveling, she assured me that it wasn't the travel she disliked, and that in fact she loved having new experiences, she just felt homesick. And it was then that I realized, I've never been homesick. Ever.

I lived in Paris for 8 weeks, I lived in Argentina for 3 months and several one month stretches, I've gone on a 2 and a half month trip around Western Europe, taken several 1-2 week trips to random places, and I don't think I have ever wanted to come home. Well, except perhaps for my first semester of college on the East Coast, but I don't consider that a trip, I call that CULTURE SHOCK.

Most of my departing cab rides to the airport have seen me crying, actual tears. It isn't that I don't love my life here, because I do. But I adore traveling, and I'd do it all the time if I could. I'm not satisfied if I don't have some trip in the works for the next few months. I don't know why that is, because as a child my family didn't travel much. We went on one trip a year to Argentina, and then took regular day trips around San Francisco. We didn't take exotic vacations and I didn't leave the country (except to go to South America) until Josh and I met.

Thankfully, the one person whose enthusiasm for travel equals mine, is my husband's. He has traveled far more in childhood than I did, but he revels in returning to many of these places to introduce me to his favorite sites. He enjoys the planning and anticipation of our trips as much as I do and we talk much and often about where we would like to go in the coming years. Our decision to wait before having kids after we got married, was in no small part due to our desire to travel. We both agree that our traveling plans may (ha ha, I know) be hampered by children, so we hold off, even though we both want a family in the not-too-distant future.

So, to cheer myself, I think I will go plan out our October trip to Vermont. Our main goal is to see foliage and relax, but perhaps I should make dinner reservations and figure out if there is anything must-see in the area. Suggestions for Vermont?

Do any of you love traveling too? Am I the only crazy one? I wonder what this says about me... hmmmm.


Ninotchka said...

I haven't done much traveling but like your friend, I do have a certain degree of "homesickness" and also a feeling of disconnection when I do travel further than a few hundred miles. Not that I haven't enjoyed the trips I've taken but I really always am very excited to come home. Even if it's Florida (where my whole family is) that I'm coming home from.

Home is just where I sleep and basically LIVE best.

HipMamaB said...

SIGH. Yes, if you can hold off the baby itch to travel - do. While I wouldnt change a think about my little man, I do wish we would have gotten one good trip to Spain in there before he joined us!

Songbird said...

I do love to travel, but it's funny how much I love driving back across that bridge into Maine!

halloweenlover said...

I do love getting home, but I always cry when I have to leave the vacation place. Hmmm, I thought everyone must get sad, but perhaps I am an oddball : )

KLee said...

I haven't been very many places, but I always do like to traveil if given the opportunity. Having children does tend to put either a crimp in travel plans, or tends to slant the vacations towards the kid aspects. For instance, we've taken 9 vacations in the last nine years. 8 of them have been to Disney World. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Disney World, but you see what I mean about it being slanted towards what the Rugrat likes.

I don't really get homesick, but I *am* glad to have familiar things around me, and there's nothing quite so good as the rest after returning home from a trip.

KLee said...

Oh, and about Vermont -- Ben and Jerry's factory? Will that be anywhere near where you're going? Also, there's the Vermont Teddy Bear factory -- you can make your own bear, take a tour, or put an ailing bear in their hospital. (My father has given my daughter about 15 of these frickin' frackin' bears, and that'd be the FIRST place she'd want to go! :)

Or, maybe you were thinking grown-up stuff...Sorry. Can't help you there!

Yankee T said...

I LOVE to travel! I have been lots and lots of places, on several continents. I'm happiest when I know a trip is coming soon, even if it's not far away. Vermont is so beautiful. My advice is Shelburne Farms, near Burlington. Breathtaking, and cool animals, too. Oh, how I miss New England!

Honey Bunny said...

i love to travel, but i haven't done much in the 30 years i've been on this earth. my hubs-to-be has traveled a lot, and i'm jealous. but since we're childfree, there's really no excuse NOT to go see the world. well, except the lack of funds, but we're hoping we get a big chunk for our wedding :)

Running2Ks said...

Collecting maple syrup in Vermont? Looking at the leaves changing on a hike?

It is amazing--the never being homesick. But that just means you find the bliss in traveling. It is great when you find what you like to do.

Can't wait to hear about all of the tales you will be telling soon :)

Chris said...

I *love* traveling. Haven't done much (any?) in the past 10 years though, while my husband has been going all over the world for business.

One day I'll be living out of my suitcases for long periods of time. I'm with you on the cheapest, but clean, accomodations.

halloweenlover said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I like the maple sugar collecting and leaf peeping especially. I can't wait!

Jill said...

I LOVE to travel! (By the way, I am so envious that you got to live in Paris as a summer associate for 8 weeks. Paris is my favorite city, and that sounds fabulous.)
However, I also love it when I walk through the door in my own home after a trip, drop my suitcases by the door, and flop down on my very own couch. So for me, it's a win-win situation.

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