Thursday, February 09, 2006

meme for content

I owe a couple of memes, and I'm all out of blog content for today, until I tell you about how I reorganized my front hall closet. Try to keep your excitement to a minimum, please.

10 Random Facts about Halloweenlover:

1. My feet and hands are always cold. ALWAYS. Even in the dead heat of summer. Hence, the sock discussion.

2. I hate being hot. I get all flustered and frustrated and furious at the hot weather, and then I get all sweaty and upset that I'm sweaty. I need to move back to San Francisco for that reason.

3. Our new car is the first time I've ever owned or regularly driven an automatic transmission. I learned to drive on a stick shift, all of my parent's cars were stick shifts, and every car I've owned since then has been a stick shift. In our new car, a couple of times, I accidentally slammed my foot down HARD on the brake because I thought it was the clutch. It is a wonder I haven't been in an accident.

4. My nails and hair grow at astonishing rates. It really is remarkable. I think it is the fat in my diet. God bless the fat.

5. I stopped eating meat in July, and I haven't missed it at all. I do occasionally eat sushi, because I might die of a broken heart if I could never have a caterpillar roll ever again, but I sometimes can't believe that I haven't craved meat at all. I also stopped having daily headaches when I stopped eating meat. This leads me to believe that I might never go back.

6. I am VERY unathletic. Very. In elementary, junior high, and high school, I played a variety of sports, and sucked more at each and every one of them. I caught one ball in the two years that I played soft ball. Between my knees, after it missed my glove.

7. Despite being terribly unathletic, I got a hole in one my second time ever playing golf.

8. I haven't set foot in a gym since two years from last Thanksgiving. I am vaguely ashamed of this, but too lazy to do anything about it.

9. I always start magazines backwards (back to front). I occasionally try to make myself read them front to back but it stresses me out.

10. People laugh at the things I say a lot. Even when I don't mean them to be funny. It is a little bit unnerving.

Anyone else haven't done this one yet?


Elizabeth said...

I tried doing the no meat thing once, until I went out for breakfast and succumbed to the goodness that is CRISPY BACON.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Hooray! Someone else as unathletic as me!

As far as I can tell, the only good reason to get more exercise would be to allow myself to eat more ice cream.

Nancy said...

Unathletic people unite!!! (me too...)

Maribeth said...

My feet are always cold too! And my hands. ALways! Yes, I too wear socks in July, heavy ones and in the winter I always wear two pairs of socks! Hubby claimed it was because I didn't exercise. Wrong! Even when I am exercising a lot I stay cold.

purple_kangaroo said...

My feet and knees are always cold, but not my hands. Wierd, huh?

Piece of Work said...

Yes,like Elizabeth, I could do without meat, but I could never give up bacon.

People laugh at things you say because you're hilarious!

A hole in one! Congratulations!

peripateticpolarbear said...

Oh I am such the non-athlete, too. I once made a baseket for the other team. I think it's the only basket I've ever made.

Anonymous said...

People make a big deal out of holes-in-one, but I get them all the time. Even through the windmill a couple of times.

jo(e) said...

My hands and feet are always cold too. I couldn't make it though the winter without those things you put in the microwave and heat up ....

Jess said...

I'm such a carnivore. I was a vegetarian for two years in my early twenties, and after I gave it up, it seemed like my desire for meat increased like, twenty fold.

I should do this meme, because I owe the world a post and have nothing.

ccw said...

I always have cold hands and feet.

The car we bought in October is the first automatic I have ever owned. I still go for the clutch.

I caught a flyball in a softball game once. Everyone was so amazed. The coach even gave me the ball. I still have it to offer as proof that I did try, at least once, to do a sport.

Jill said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who reads magazines from back to front!

Chris said...

I was a vegetarian for 14 years, and a vegan for many of them. Then when I was pregnant with my third child I craved the meat. I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT. The first meat thing I ate was a steak and cheese grinder.

Now I eat so much meat it is as if I am making up for lost time ;-)

My hair grows too fast. The hair dresser is always amazed. I have to stick with highlights close to my natural color or else I look like a reverse skunk.

Ninotchka said...

OMG I also read magazines back to front. What does that say about us???


Beth said...

i *too* read magazines back to front!!! why is this?!?

oh and I am totally unathletic and my feet are always freezing and a purple-y color.