Friday, February 03, 2006

somehow, i doubt you'll be shocked by this

Blackbird's show and tell for this week is purses, and rather fitting because my favorite purse is a source of great excitement and pleasure for me. I only use it in the spring and summer, but looking at pictures of it makes me happy happy happy, and for some reason these days the gloomy weather and my long work hours are making me sad sad sad. Stupid yucky weather and depressing seasons. Hrumph.

Anyway, I purchased this purse as my splurge when I began working at the law firm in New York and felt woefully inadequate in the fashion department (still do). I happened upon an article describing Kate Spade's pairing with Maira Kalman (who, by the way, has the cutest stuff ever). Kate Spade and Maira Kalman were getting together to make purses, accessories and assorted items with (gasp) DOGS ON THEM. You can imagine my excitement.

I called a friend who was working at Saks Fifth Avenue in their hoity toity private shopping department and asked if she'd sneak a bag out for me with her employee discount when they hit the stores and she agreed. Still, even though I purchased the smallest size of bag they carried, and even with the 40% off discount, I felt rather ill for days and kept threatening to take it back while Josh told me to stop being a nutcase.

But, I kept it. And I love it. Because it is SOOO MEEEEEE.

Look! It is me walking Tango or Murray!

And Look!

It is a picture of Tango looking like the angry old man that he is trapped in a dog's body.

See the resemblance?

This is his damnit-throw-the-toy-for-me face.

And then, I loved the purse so much, and the dog carrier that we used every time we traveled to visit my parents in California or Josh's parents in Florida BROKE after a year of use and I happened upon the following on super clearance end-of-season sale:

(I hope Neiman Marcus does not come after me for copying pictures from their website- eek)

That is how Tango and Murray came to own a purse more fashionable than mine. That is their dog carrier, and I love it. The handles are RED! and there is another picture of a dog on the other side. Makes it harder to smuggle them into restaurants like I used to, but that is a story for another time.


Phantom Scribbler said...

I love your purse! But curses upon you for making me discover that Maira Kalman (who's a favorite of mine from my bookstore days) has illustrated Elements of Style. Like I needed to buy another book!

Ninotchka said...

Very YOU. Love the bags!

Jess said...

Dude. I admire a woman who is that into bags. Because I love bags . . .So. Much. And that dog carrier rocks. i wish I could squeeze my forty pound mutt into a dog carrier. As it is, I've been looking around for a cute sweater for him. Dogs deserve style, too!

Nancy said...

Those bags are so cool. Love the dog carrier especially. And I don't even have a dog.

Maribeth said...

The purse is very cool! As is the dog carrier! I have one that we've used a lot. But it is not that fashionable. I can hear Greta and SHubi telling me they want a new one!

Jane Dark said...

Those are both adorable. It's too bad they don't have such fashionable stuff for my kitty.

Connie and Rob said...

I think your purse is way fun! Would much rather have a purse like that with character than an old conservative one. Wow then you were lucky enough to get the carry bag also? You are a very lucky gir...but then again I think you pup is pretty lucky to have such a good mom.

Elizabeth said...

I love both those bags! You have a friend you works in the personal-shopper dept. at SAKS? Lucky!

What kind of dog is Tango? His throw-the-toy face is too cute.

blackbird said...

Maira Kalman is my favorite!

And the bag is gorgeous...

lucky girl!

peripateticpolarbear said...

very cute.

nancy said...

Adore the purse, but perhaps that pic of Tango is my fave.