Wednesday, February 01, 2006

operation: cleaning fairy (version I)

I would like to report that last night, upon arriving home from work at 11:30pm, I was happily surprised to find the living room picked up and organized, the dogs' water dish refilled and food on the floor for them.

(For my male readers, I'd like to report the astonishing result a man cleaning the house can have on a sex drive)

He also informed me that "it'd be great" if I could take a look at my magazines that were "starting to pile up and make a mess." If looks could kill, well, it would have been ugly in the Halloweenlover household last night. Peace has been restored, however, upon copious amounts of hedging and many apologies.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Your parenthetical comment made me snort with laughter. Why is this fact not more widely known???

Maribeth said...

I've been telling this to Hubby for years! Somehow it hasn't gotten through to him! Still I do dream of the day he will pick up!

jo(e) said...

Yes, cleaning is a highly successful form of foreplay.

Notice how those men in the 1950s television shows -- the ones who let their wives do all the work -- always looked like they never got any sex?

Angie said...

I missed yesterday and I don't know how! I love Billy Joel, too! I was glad to read you had a wonderful evening. The sweetness gets me in my soft spot too.

You would think men would keep a running file of things that qualify as foreplay. LOL

-And of course you can link to me, you didn't have to ask. :-)

Ninotchka said...

No me jodas! I love it. Well done, amiga. Lo pusiste (?) nuevo. ja ja ja ja

nancy said...

The man cleaning up? That's why I got a vibrator. Sigh.

Dawn said...

Why do men not Know the "Don't touch my stuff" rule? The "I will deal with that pile in my own good time" rule. The "I have something planned for that which has not fully formed in my mind, but now you are bringing me down, dude."

Cooking dinner is another good aphrodisiac

ccw said...


Shared housework always gets things going in our house. Nice to hear, we are not freaks that way.

Jess Riley said...

Excellent! I always tell my hubby that it turns me on when he dusts the living room or does the dishes.

(Had to post when I saw you own two Brussels Griffons...They are the cutest dogs on the planet! But don't tell my Cairn I said that.)

Anonymous said...

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