Tuesday, January 31, 2006

nowadays you can't be too sentimental*

Seven years ago, this week, I met this adorable man (perhaps he was more boy back then). One of his many endearing traits, was his lack of interest in what other people thought. He seemed impervious to peer pressure, whether it be regarding parties, alcohol, clothing or music. At 20, this was remarkable to me. Finally, here was someone that was uninterested in popularity and what I'd already termed- "college drama." This isn't to say, of course, that we didn't have our struggles. We were always crazy about each other, but there were many moments where he gave away his thoughts that he didn't want a girlfriend, and I refused to bend on my expectations. Even now, there are songs that immediately take me back to late nights of long cries to my girlfriends and dancing around our dorm room swearing off of boys forever.

It seemed fitting then, that last night we danced together in the aisles at the Billy Joel concert at the Boston Garden. Josh has always loved Billy Joel, and it was this revelation early in our relationship that used to make me laugh. He'd rock out in his car to "Movin' Out" when he drove to pick me up from campus, he'd play "She's Always a Woman" while we danced in his apartment. There was never a sense that he cared whether people thought his love of Billy Joel was "cool" or not. He just did.

The concert was so much fun, and the audience sang along with most of his songs. I even took notes during the concert so that I could better list what songs he played:

Angry Young Man (in tribute to APL, I accidentally said to Josh, "yay! Angry Boy!")
My Life
Everybody Loves You Now
Seeing the Lights Go Down On Broadway
New York State of Mind (which he said he sang on a dare, because it was in Boston)
Downeaster Alexa
All For Leyna
Goodnight Saigon
Movin' Out
Innocent Man
Keeping the Faith
Always a Woman To Me
River of Dreams (my favorite! And this one got everyone up and dancing)
I Go To Extremes
We Didn't Start the Fire
Big Shot (he was hysterical dancing around on the stage for this one)
Still Rock and Roll To Me

You May Be Right
Only the Good Die Young
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Piano Man

I kept glancing over at Josh while he rocked in his seat and sang along loud enough that I had to shush him a couple of times, and marveling at the way things change. As Josh pulled me to my feet for some of the tunes, or threaded his fingers through mine during the slow songs, I wondered how I could have so much sweetness in my life. How can it get any better than this?

* points if you know what song this is from


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

"Still Rock'n'Roll to Me!"

Used to LOVE Billy Joel. My high school yearbook has "Billy Joel is God" written all over it. Yes, my friends and I were obsessed for a time. Last saw him back in college.

And I LOVE "Angry Young Man."

The fact that Josh loves Billy Joel makes me like him even more, as if such a thing were possible.

susan said...

APL beat me to the title identification. I LOVED billy joel in high school and college. What stories in those songs.

I love your Josh stories.

Maribeth said...

I just love Billy Joel! Lucky, lucky, you!

Beth said...

"...your best bet's a true baby blue Continental
Hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk
It's still rock and roll to me..."

Yay! Good song! Billy Joel is one of those artists that I don't think about until you start mentioning the song titles. ANd then, I'm like -- Oh yeah! I like that one. and that one. and that one.

wordnerd said...

Ah..that's actually a really nice story about the changes that two lovers go through. I understand, been there and can very much relate.

Glad you had a good night, sounds dreamy!

ccw said...

This is such a touching tribute to the relationship between you and Josh. May you continue to grow together!

Ninotchka said...

Que bella! Te felicito. And it will indeed get better and better even when you think it can't possibly because you'll just have that many more moments like you did last night. (Or I guess the night before since you posted this yesterday)

You two are just fabulous. And you're going to make fabulous babies too! :)

Chatty Cricket said...

Um, you and I (and Josh and Sweetie) all know that Billy Joel is ALWAYS cool. ALWAYS.

(and you know that I believe that "only the good die young. woo ooo hooooooo, oo ooo, oo oo oo ooooooooo oo hooooo")

Dawn said...

Billy Joel was the only music my roommate ( from Long Island) and me ( From Vermont) could agree upon. We lived together for three years. We listened to ALOT of Billy Joel.

It sounds like a fabulous concernt!!

Suzanne said...

He sounds like such a sweeheart! I love how he remained true to his own musical taste even though it's not especially fashionable!

Kristin said...

I love Billy Joel, too! My fave is Always a Woman - there are so many great lines in that one.

She can ask for the truth
But she’ll never believe you

And she’ll promise you more
Than the garden of eden
Then she’ll carelessly cut you
And laugh while you’re bleedin’

She is frequently kind
And she’s suddenly cruel

Frankie said...

Also a big Joel fan, and heading to the concert on Saturday!

liz said...

Love him. Glass Houses was one of my very first "Grown up" albums. I got 2 copies for Christmas that year.

Chris said...

Sounds like a wonderful time :-)

nancy said...

I'm a little misty-eyed...