Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy valentine's day!

Valentine's day is probably my least favorite holiday, for a number of reasons.

1. In elementary school, everyone would count out the valentines they'd received, and then compare. Someone always felt sad about it, and that breaks my heart.

2. I went to an all-girls' high school, and it became this horrible popularity contest to see who would receive the largest or most unique gift during school hours. It got so out-of-hand that by my junior year, the administration refused to deliver the flowers, cookies, stuffed animals, etc. anymore during the day, and would announce a LONG LIST of students in the end of day announcements, and those students would then line up outside of the front office to receive their items. It was out of control. Those announcements would sometimes take 10 minutes, and my school was really small. About a total of 300 girls. This way, all the tears and dramatic episodes would be saved for outside of the classroom. Fun, huh? I had a boyfriend for most of my high school years, but I still found the holiday to be horribly cruel to many of my friends.

3. In my freshman year of college, there were girls in my dormitory that cried (CRIED!) because they hadn't received flowers or gifts from significant others. My next-door neighbor even cried because her roommate received BIGGER flowers than she did. People, these girls had real problems.

4. The things I love, like flowers and chocolates, get marked up to twice their price, at least! I've forbidden Josh from ever buying flowers on Valentine's day because it makes me so mad.

I've seen so many people feel sad or mad or bad because of Valentine's day, that it makes me dislike this holiday, even though the notion of a holiday that is all about love is nice.

Before you start thinking that I am a total grinch, we are still going out to dinner, and I still got Josh a tiny little something. I figure he can play with it while we are on vacation. I'm also considering getting him this, but it seemed rather large, don't you think? I received a photography course called Introduction to Digital SLR Photography! Surprise! Surprise! I may not like the holiday, but I don't pass up an opportunity to give and receive gifts. ; )

May your Valentine's day be full of love (and flowers that are bigger than your roommate's/friend's/classmate's)!


Chatty Cricket said...

Har! I think Valentine's Day is so much more fun once married.

For Valentine's Day Lady gave me being able to sit up from a crawling position, and being able to pull herself up to peer over the edge of her pack n play. Sweetie is making me almond champagne fondu for dinner, and I am giving him a subscription to Sports Illustrated, me in sexy pj's (ie, ones that match and don't include sweatpants- isn't parenthood romantic??) and chocolate cake for dessert.

Lady got a Valentine from her Daddy and me this morning, and she also got to try some chocolate cake for dessert after her mac n cheese. Loved it, of course!!

Chris said...

Happy valentine's Day.

Hey, I went to an all girl private school too... and OH the DRAMA.

But I never got any flowers...sniff.

bigslowgirl said...

i've always been an optimist about st. valentine's day.

every year i expect my significant other to send me a big bouquet of my favorite flowers. and every year i'm disappointed. (st. v day 2000 comes to mind when mr. wonderful boyfriend failed to send me flowers but his dad found out and sent them to me with mr. wonderful's "signature". yes, a bit spooky, and, yes, mr. wonderful is still single for a whole host of reasons, but i kind of miss his dad!)

anyhow, i thought this year would be different.

i moved my job, my furniture and my whole life from big city to little city to marry mr. fancy doctor. this year, our first st. v day as husband and wife,i expected
a BIG okay even a little bouquet of flowers. he knows i love them. knows how much they would make my day. but no such luck.

no st. v day flowers. not a petal in sight. just feeling a little massacred. we have no dinner reservations, not a crumb of food in the house except maybe one freezer burned hot pocket.

oh well. i love mr. fancy doctor anyway esp since i've just decided that from now on, i'm going to use his credit card and send myself flowers for the holiday. maybe i'll do that for my bday too which is in a couple of weeks! i'm feeling better already!! so halloween lover, do you really think flowers are half price tomorrow???

Nancy said...

I'm not a big fan of valentine's day either. It's just a crazy materialistic holiday when every day should be about feeling the love.

Regardless, hope you have (had, at this point...) a lovely day.

Beth said...

hey -- we should call this Happy Sudoku Day, instead -- David got me a Sudoku computer game. Is Josh obsessed with it? i'm totally addicted.

peripateticpolarbear said...

I hated the valentine counting in elementary school. sometimes the teachers made us send one to every one in the room and then it was the contest to see who got sent the "good" ones and who got the "dumb" ones.
Fortunately, one could not deliver flowers or anything to my public high school. The dudes had to deliver them in person or wait till after school...

jo(e) said...

I don't like Valentine's Day either.

Leslee said...

people, especially teenagers, put too much pressure on V-Day! I remember getting my feelings hurt because I didn't get any flowers or balloons, or blah blah blah. Now I'm excited to get a card!

amygeekgrl said...

omg, jody is hooked on sudoku on his laptop. look out. ;)
congrats on the photography course. sounds great! :)
happy belated v'day.

Kristin said...

Oh God, I NEED that Sudoku thing!

Kristin said...

Hey, and does this mean you got a digital SLR camera? I was too late for the SLR discussion, but I have a D70 and LOVELOVELOVE it. It was so much more expensive than what I planned to get, but worth every dime.