Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sexy shoes

The theme of my wedding shower was "Sex in the Kitchen", and my friends asked guests to bring something hot and heavy as well as kitchen appropriate as a gift. Consequently, I have an indecent (tee hee) number of sex books in my collection. This gifts were hilarious, and it remains the best wedding shower theme I've ever heard (in my unbiased opinion).

I just packed a box full of shoes and sex books, and for some reason that combination seemed totally fitting. Don't you think so? Both can be passionate, I guess.


Summer said...

If you had room for books in your box of shoes, girl, you need more shoes. When we moved, I filled my entire (enormous) laundry hamper with my shoes, and that was after seriously culling my collection of anything that was worn out or out of favor.

(Unrelated: my verification word is "doodi." I am inappropriately amused by that.)

liz said...

If you had room for shoes in your box of books, girl, you need more books!