Wednesday, November 18, 2009

preschool spells relief

My preschool hunt is OVER, thank goodness! We were accepted this morning into my top top top choice! The school was refusing to even give me an application until January and wouldn't be giving an answer until the spring, but after begging and pleading and cajoling and telling them that they were forcing me to pay a hefty sum in unnecessary deposits at another preschool to which I don't want to send Gabe, they agreed to give him a spot. HURRAY!

I felt a little awkward when I sat down with the director and she asked me to tell her about my child, because I hate being put on the spot, and really, how do you quantify your child? I sort of hemmed and hawed and said that he was great, but I wish I could have found a way to tell her how awesome he is, how funny and sweet and interesting he is, how we adore him and how he'll be a wonderful addition to her school. Oh well, at least she took him anyway, even with my bad description. HURRAY AGAIN!

The question now, however, is whether I send him to morning or afternoon preschool. Chatty Cricket is going to laugh at this, because I was adamant about not sending him to afternoon preschool, but the director gave me food for thought.

The advantage of morning preschool is obvious, I guess. We start the day early, he gets into the routine of attending school in the mornings the way he will for the rest of his life, he gets to continue his routine of napping (or barring napping), of resting in the afternoon. I can run errands in the morning, Josie's afternoon nap won't be interrupted. He'll be on the same schedule as his friends.

The director feels that although everyone wants mornings, the afternoon children are more focused, better rested, more ready to come to the table and work. She said they are able to have a leisurely morning, eat a good breakfast, go to the park or play or whatever, and then get to school ready to pay attention and do good work. Of course, if Gabe wants to nap or rest or whatever, which he might since he STILL takes a 3 hour nap every day, then his resting or napping time will be totally screwed. And I won't get that quiet time for myself, although I guess he'll be at school so there's that.

Additionally, truth be told, I am the furthest thing from a morning person, and afternoon preschool will be more convenient and less stressful for me and what is less stressful for me is less stressful for everyone. UNLESS, he still takes a nap in September, and then it'll be super stressful for me.

Oh, what must life be like when you have real problems, huh? No time to agonize over inconsequential items like this. So help me with my silly decisions- morning or afternoon for Gabe? At Dream Preschool! HURRAY INDEED!


Stacy said...

Celebration for getting into the preschool!

I agree that afternoon preschool can be a good choice. Easier mornings etc...

I can see the nap issue but I would go at it like this.
Let him nap when he gets home. What are the preschool hours? 12-3? or such?
Let him nap til 5 but I wouldn't let him nap past 5 or you will run into bed time issues.
A one hour nap in the late afternoon may be the best choice.

Just my 2¢

Chatty Cricket said...

am cracking. the f. up!

Oh and THANKGOODNESS for getting into a preschool. Your top choice preschool even!! Do they take sibs? Because then are you SET for Josie?!


Maribeth said...

I am so glad you are moving him and I think the afternoon class may be perfect!

Meika said...

Congrats on the preschool! That's awesome! I can't believe the schooling drama that you all have to deal with out East - it is like a different universe here in the Midwest. Like, waiting list? How is that spelled again? Totally different.

So my take on the morning vs. afternoon is morning all the way. The director was selling the afternoon spots hard because nobody wants them. If afternoon is the only way to make it work, then I'm sure he'll power through... but then, my kid is heavily nap-dependent, so I tend to think "strung out" in the afternoon rather than "well-rested."

Oh, and amusingly enough - the day after I posted a comment on the whole dressing drama, and how I have Chloe direct each step blahblahblah? Yes. The next morning I was not permitted within five feet of her (quite literally) and she wore her shirt as pants until well into the day. It was very creative of her and another reminder that I HAVE NO CONTROL HERE.