Wednesday, November 25, 2009

at least I got out of cooking tomorrow

What's that? You asked where I spent my morning? Oh... in the emergency room at our local hospital, of course!

First thing, bright and early this morning, I went down to our basement to get milk for Gabe's cereal, because if you'll recall, our fridge is in the basement so any time I need to get anything for anyone, I have to go down to the basement. Anyway, I went to grab something on one of the shelves in the basement and then who only knows what happened, but a massive glass jar fell ONTO MY TOE. I immediately started SCREAMING with poor Gabe standing right in front of me, doubled over with my eyes closed, and after just a couple of seconds opened my eyes and blood. Blood EVERYWHERE. An actual, honest to goodness, puddle of blood. Also, excruciating pain, but also lots of blood.

I did what any logical person would do- I sat on the basement floor, and somewhat calmly begged Gabe to go upstairs and get the phone and paper towels. And then I cried.

It took Gabe a while to get the paper towels and the phone because, well, two year olds have a hard time following directions occasionally, but he did get me the paper towels and the phone eventually. I called Josh to try to impress the seriousness of the situation on him, and his response was that he had a conference call and couldn't possibly leave work. Because of a CONFERENCE CALL. Did I mention the blood? And the excruciating pain?

Long story and 17 calls later, I finally convinced Josh that I really really needed him to come home, and we took a trip to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with one broken toe and a laceration that probably required a couple of stitches, but because of the placement and proximity to the bone and blah blah doctor speak, they decided to bandage instead of stitch. I'm also on an antibiotic because of that proximity to the bone and the risk of a bone infection. I couldn't really tell you what they said because when they came into the room with the big needles I passed out.

So I'm at home now with throbbing toe and screaming children and no husband and feeling just the teensiest bit sorry for myself.

The good news, though, I don't have to unpack anymore, right?


Maribeth said...

Oh I am so sorry. Get better, Sweetie and I hope you mend quickly.

stacy said...

OMG big hugs
I hope it didn't really take 17 calls, but maybe 2.
I hope you are feeling better soon.

Summer said...

I hope it heals quickly! And I hope that in the meantime, you get waited on a lot.

Meika said...

Oh, no! How awful! I hope you feel better soon. :(