Monday, November 02, 2009

priceless satisfaction



Not eating


Not sleeping


Not wanting to be put down


Tugging at ear


5:15pm rush over to the pediatrician's office


You guessed it... another ear infection!

A good one too! Every nurse and doctor I've talked to has insisted that ear tugging is NOT a sign of an ear infection, but it turns out you should trust yourself because if your baby is nonstop tugging at her ear and screaming, it just might be an ear infection!

After being chastised by the doctor for bringing her after hours without calling in advance, I found myself hoping he would find an ear infection, even though I felt guilty for wishing it on Josie. Is it terrible that I felt overwhelming satisfaction when he admitted that I was right to bring her because her ear looked horrible? I'm a totally mean mommy, right?

The poor little monster is having a rough time tonight, and I'm just praying the combination of baby Motrin and Amoxicillin will knock her out for the night, because she was a mess- all goopy eyes and runny nose and tons of sobbing. I'm just going to throw as many things as I can into boxes for the short period she is sleeping! Off I go!


Anonymous said...

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Chatty Cricket said...

how many ear infections has she had lately? Poor little Josie Bean!

Ok so you either hear that tugging at en ear is a SURE sign of an ear infection or that no tugging and the fever is what signals an ear infection. Good grief people. CLEARLY Josie is just brilliant and is pulling on her ear because it HURTS.

Trust your instincts- I bring the kiddos in for ear checks ALL THE TIME when they seem out of sorts. I can never tell- is that fever from teeth? Runny nose because of molars or a bug? Better to know than not.

stacy said...

HUGS for everyone. Ear infections are horrible!
She knew something was wrong and so did you. Shame on the doctor for acting like that!

Mothers instincts are rarely wrong!

If she has several you should have them try to find the cause, maybe there is something specific that is setting them off. Allergies that are causing extra gunk thats draining wrong or such.

YG&B said...

i had tons of ear infections as a kid (i don't know if i had them as a toddler) but they are tres painful and of course you and josie knew what was going on! i am sooo over doctors with crappy bedside manners and rude demeanors. I AM HERE BECAUSE I AM SICK. TAKE OUT YOUR BAD DAY ON SOMEONE ELSE, PLEASE. you should have stuck out your tongue and said, "ppphhhhhttt."