Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Packing is a strange thing, I think.

The first pass was fine- I pulled out clothes and books and videos and small appliances and other items and packed them away. The first pass covered our most used and most needed things. The second pass was also pretty much fine, although I started to touch on some of those strange parts of packing, where you come across all that stuff you have that isn't essential to your day to day life. The old letters and cards, the clothing you haven't worn in months or years, the old school books and papers left over from college, Josh's snowboard and rollerblades. Many of these things are sentimental, or are used rarely, but we're still unwilling to get rid of them.

And then there are those items in perfect condition, gifts or something that cost a legitimate amount of money. I don't need them, but how could I possibly get rid of them? I need a professional packer who would come over and point out what is junk and what isn't, and what I'm holding onto for the wrong reasons.

I'm trying my best to weed out the unnecessaries now, rather than move them AGAIN, but it is hard hard hard. I'm sure I won't miss whatever I give away, and that is my mantra as we near the final stretch.


Rev Dr Mom said...

If you haven't missed it since you moved into your current house, you probably won't miss it after you get rid of it.

That said, I am BAD at getting rid of stuff like that. But I've tried to be more brutal about getting rid of stuff in my last couple of moves....because really, if I've moved it 3-4 times in the same box, what's the point?

Beth said...

I hate the bits that you find at the VERY back of the cupboards that are there from when you moved in...bad engagement presents and the like. Why can't we just get rid of these things?!