Wednesday, November 08, 2006

layette continued...

Here is a summary of your suggestions for a layette:

Diapers- Newborn and Size 1 (but how many of these do I need? One package of Newborn and 2 of Size 1? Are we talking Costco size packages? Or smaller?)

Onesies- short and long-sleeve (also, how many? A dozen total? More than a dozen?)

Baby Pants (Numbers, people! Numbers! 6? 10? In all different colors?)

Receiving Blankets (I'm assuming 5-6? We registered for a couple of swaddlers and I'm hoping to steal some from the hospital. And by steal, I mean, ask for nicely.)

Hooded Towels (I have 3, is this enough?)

Washcloths (I have 1, how many do I need?)

Sleep 'n Plays/Footie Pajamas (I have 3-4, how many newborn versus 0-3 month sizes should I get?)

"Sweetpea" pj sets- what is this? Where do I find them?

Baby Socks- although we have differing opinions on this. If I have enough footie pajamas maybe I don't need these?

Hats (how many and what size? Josh and I have big heads, should I assume that baby to be has a big head too?)

Wipes (any suggestions on brands?)

Baby Tylenol- dye free

Gripe Water (is this the same as Mylicon?)

Saline Drops

Burp Cloths (I have none, and have received none. Where do I find these?)

Alcohol wipes (shudder, I can't even discuss the umbilical cord. Ick.)

Pacifiers (brand suggestions?)

Mild Shampoo or Baby Wash (more brand suggestions?)

Butt Paste or Desitin or something


Car Seat and Car Seat Cover- CHECK! At least I can mark one thing off my list.

Dreft- CHECK! Two things off my list.

And what is this nonsense about having to change outfits one or two times a day? You're kidding right? My baby is never going to dirty their beautiful outfits. My baby also won't ever stink. I feel strongly about this.

Am I forgetting anything?


Geggie said...

Burt's Bees!! They make the best stuff for everyone...including babies. Diaper ointment, lotion, bath oil and tear free shampoo/wash. It's all natural, no synthetic chemicals and not tested on animals. I'm a little obsessed with the stuff. All my neices and nephews only used Burt's Bees!

Never That Easy said...

I'm not a Mom, but as an Auntie/Child care provider, I can say you definitely don't have enough washcloths. Washcloths will probably be more important in 6 months or so, when the baby is eating food, but they'll come in handy now, too. 20 washcloths would not be too many: we have a couple in each room, just because. Just because the baby has spit up in your hair; just because big brother decided it would be a good idea to kiss the baby with a lollipop in his mouth. Trust me: Just because.

As far as many of the other things - diapers, onesies, pants, other clothes - you might want to get just a couple of each. Because you don't know how big the baby will be ~ both at birth, and as s/he grows. Youngest Nephew was 9lbs at birth, but didn't grow too fast. His younger sister weighed about the same at birth, but at 5 months has doubled in size. I do know that if you leave the diapers unopened until you need them, most stores will take them back.

That's all I got for you, except my very best wishes.

Dee Dee said...

For diaper rash, I recommend Aquaphor. You just can't beat it. Wipes - I used the Pampers Sensitive ones, Huggies gave my kids rashes... I'd get one package of Newborn diapers and a few size 1's. If you need more size N, I'm sure you can send someone out to the store. I think 5 or 6 receiving blankets is enough as well as 3 hooded towels. Gripe water is NOT the same as Mylicon - you could get both and see which works the best. Baby All works great too and is much less expensive than Dreft.

Hope this helps a little.

Dee Dee said...

Oh, and cloth diapers are the perfect burp cloth.

OneTiredEma said...

Is it bad that I am tired just reading your list?

If you have a washer and dryer, you don't need as much as you think. You might have to do laundry every other day from time to time. But they grow SO fast it's crazy to have so many outfits. (I personally have not had babies that even fit into the newborn size--doesn't it only go up to 7-8 lbs? Average full-term baby in the US is 8lb2oz.) Plus you will get a lot of gifts, no? Baby clothes are supremely popular as gifts, so take that into consideration. Also, when your baby is a few weeks old you will figure out if s/he runs hot/cold, which can influence your clothing choices.

Diapers: don't get a ton at first. My daughter was big--almost 9lbs--and by the time we got through the 50 or so freebie diapers from the hospital (size 1), she was almost too big for the "Newborn" diapers we had at home (we used one, got nervous, and switched back to size 1). Also some brands fit some babies better than others. So it doesn't make sense to have the box of 216 Pampers if you like the coverage of Huggies better, you know? Once you find your match you can shop around for the best prices, but at first...and diapers you can get at *any* drugstore or grocery, so you don't have to stress about running low.

Above principle applies to nursing pads too.

Wipes: fragrance free and "hypoallergenic." We use the Costco brand. If your baby is very sensitive, skip entirely and go for soft washcloths and warm water.

Three towels is enough (they outgrow these too!); I personally use a fresh washcloth with every bath, so I have a lot. Five blankets should be plenty, especially if you've got laundry facilities.

Gripe water isn't the same as Mylicon, although it serves a similar purpose. Brand suggestions for baby wash beyond J&J: California Baby (it's $$$, though). Dreft is all marketing--we use a generic "free and clear" detergent for the whole family. Pacifiers--silicone. But some babies are very fussy about them. If you are determined that the babe use one, you might have to try many brands.

And I agree about freezer meals. And when people ask to help, request dinner, delivered to you, and holding the baby while you eat. :-) Take-out menus also good in a pinch!

Not so little sister said...

Man, I get stressed out just reading this stuff. I feel for you Halloween Lover! Good luck and try to relax. I'm not a Mommy, but some of my friends have started having babies. I would've been psyched if one of them had called me and aksed me to go buy more diapers or onesies or socks...And I agree on the umbilical cord and the stinkiness. Ick to both!

dixie said...

Not for baby, but BREAST PADS (if you're going to nurse). I have yet to find a reusable kind that works, so I've always gone with the disposable ones. Not good for the environment, but when you can shoot milk across the room at any moment of the day from birth to 6 months, you lose your worry about the environment. Johnson and Johnson USED to make a good kind, but now they don't. The best I've found here in Canada is the Lansinoh kind -- they absorb the milk kind of like a diaper and prevent it from soaking through (for the most part). But you may not have an excessive milk problem, so only buy one box until you know for sure. Also get a lot of Epsom salts for all of those baths after the birth (unless you end up needing a c-section).

I would say get a dozen onesies -- the 0-3 month ones fit newborns right away -- at least the not over the head ones do, where you can adjust the body length.

And I wouldn't get anymore hooded towels, as you really don't need to wash them after every bath -- you are putting a clean baby in the towel, after all.

I'd probably get more receiving blankets. But then, I love receiving blankets (we're talking the thin flannel blankets -- not knit blankets). I have an entire two-drawer night stand full, but I'm on my third kid and haven't had to throw any out. Plus, I always liked the receiving blanket to match the baby's outfit... seriously...

Knitting Mama said...

I received 94 wash cloths for my baby showers (had 2 baby showers) and I think I have plenty, but I agree, 1 will definitely NOT be enough. I'd also rather wipe the baby with a washcloth that can be washed, than waste paper towels, or kleenex when it comes to spit up or anything. They will come in handy too while you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, because they still do spit up. Hooded towels - are you planning on re-using more than once before washing, or are you planning on washing after every use. If you're planning on doing laundry every 3 days, then 3 is enough. I have 11 hooded towels (some new as gifts, some were hand me downs, and 2 of those 11 are only newborn size..) so, just incase I need a break from laundry, then I have time to wash before needing again, and I have enough. Do you have any friends or family whom have had kids that can pass you on stuff? I got VERY lucky that way, when it came to stuff like that. Burp cloths are not necessary if you have enough receiving blankets, they can double up as both receiving blankets and burp cloths. I actually am using an old flannel duvet cover and making my own burp cloths, I got a great tutorial off the internet. If you're handy with the sewing machine, they take NO time to make, all you have to do is cut them out of material and sew along the edges. Let me know if you want the pdf tutorial, it would be my pleasure. I would also pick up baby nail clippers and a nasal aspirator (since babies can't blow their own noses). Also - if you can get your hands on a pacifier thermometer - I definitely recommend it. (I don't feel comfortable doing rectal temperature checks) and got a pacifier thermometer at my baby shower, but all the local pharmacies carry them for under 20$. I can;t think of anything else right now! I am sure you will be fine!

Tina said...

I have to delurk to add my 2 cents. You start discovering you like somethings more then others. Early on, I liked the one-piece PJs with the feet (so no mess with 2 parts like a onsies and pants, no mess with socks, etc.) so I wanted more of those. Other people like different ones. I personally don't like the hooded towels, I think they are too small so we just use our regular towels. So, all that to say, get a few of each thing (ie. 1-2 packages of onsies, 2 pants in what ever color you want, few pairs of socks). As someone said, you'll get things as gifts, you WILL take everything the hospital has (diapers, wipes, a pacifier, a hat, blankets, maybe even cloth diapers for burp cloths--don't ask, just take, they expect it) and then you can sample what works for you. (Seriously, hospitals stock the bassinet with supplies and the day we were leaving they gave us a new package of diapers with only 1 out, instead of the 1/2 open bad we'd had. They knew we were going to take them and wanted us to have a full one! So nice!) While I remember with both babies being in shock over how much laundry they created, they do grow fast and before you know it all the cute 0-3 outfits are too small. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I don't have a blog but I read yours almost everyday.

I think you will need socks for your babies hands. Both my boys scratched their faces even though I clipped their nails. Baby nail clippers are a must also. Maybe 10 sleepers (p.j's) and 20 wash cloths.

Melinda from Canada.

susan said...

I'd skip the baby socks-footed outfits are easier if you want to keep the feet covered.

And on another sock-releated note, I thought of you and Josh when I was at a party the other night and heard the men gathered at a table behind me talking about how they sleep in socks.

liz said...

Three towels are enough, after all they're to dry a clean baby!!

I'd get one regular sized pkg of newborn diapers, and one Costco size ones (and above). Any diapers you don't use will be gladly accepted by other new moms or your local homeless shelter.

Oh! And if you're pumping, get the Medela bra that goes with the Medela hands-free attachments for the pump (your friendly neighborhood lactation consultant can fix you up).

Maribeth said...

All I can say is, you will look at diapers and think you have enough and then find that you don't. Mafe sure Hubby knows about sizes of diapers because he'll be the one going out at 2 AM to find a 7 Eleven and buy some! LOL!

ccw said...

Diapers, onesies, etc you don't need much because he/she may or may not grow rapidly. You can always get more. You definitely will not need Costco size boxes to start with.

Personally, I love gowns. They are the best thing for newborns and tired parents during the night. No snaps, just push up and change. Plus, babies don't move around enough for their legs to get uncovered.

As for changing clothes, Kid L never needed more than one outfit a day, NSBH was changed a lot b/c she threw up and peed everywhere, and Nonami peed out his diaper to the point that we used 3-6 gowns a day.

Blankets are like clothes, if the baby is "messy" you will need more. I always got tons of receiving blankets because I hate doing laundry and they are one of the few things that you can use for years.

The cord will be fine without you doing a thing so if it grosses you out, just leave it be.

Wipes, the sensitive/newborn ones really are nice because they are so soft and don't get as cold.

Snot sucker and nail clippers - I think both are essential.

A humidifier in case he/she gets stuffy or a cold. The doctor will advise using this a lot throughout their young lives so might as well get one now.

jo said...

Being an only cild who only ever baby sat older kids I can attest that at the ge of 41 I have never, ever changed a diaper. Yea, I know. But I have to say that butt paste made me laugh my head off this morning. What a visual.

Bethiclaus said...

Do they have any gueses yet of how big the baby will be?

We needed more newborn diapers than we thought (like 3 packs, at least), but the hospital gave us lots.

Baby pants? We really kept Alliclaus in footie pajamas most of the early days and then we switched to onesies and jeans. Why shouldn't she dress like her mom?

You'll need more than one washcloth. How did you get just one? It didn't come in a pack?

Alliclaus won't wear socks. If you're going outside, may I suggest Robeez boots? They're lined with that furry stuff.

In spite of the fact that she has a ginormous head, Alliclaus still didn't fit in anything but the smallest hat as a newborn. (If your baby has a lot of hair, you will still want a hat, so you don't have to get into long conversations with strangers about the hair. My God!)

We like Huggies Natural Care wipes. They have aloe.

For burp cloths, we bought a pack of cloth diapers at Target. Then Alliclaus never spit up.

We like the newborn Soothie pacifiers, but if you want the pumpkin to keep it in his moth, you may want one shaped more like a Binky.

Alliclaus has ashy skin and Aveeno Baby really helps keep it under control.

You're like a new mom's dream, literally asking for advice. I love it!

twoxthefun said...

Gripe water was the best thing we could find for gas.

You need about 12 receiving blankets sometimes the poop leaks on them.

Binki's all the brands, my daughter would only take one kind so you should try them all. We took 3 different brands to the hospital. Nuk, which she prefered, Advent and MAM.

Wash clothes, I seriously believe you can never have enough at least a dozen. Towels same thing. We still use our hooded towels and she's 17 months.

Diapers, we cloth diaper but one package of NB and the rest in size 1. Don't open them either. We ended up returning all the diapers we got as gifts because we decided after to cloth. It helped get the stuff we needed. When we did use diapers I liked the Pampers swaddlers the best I found they didn't leak. But sometimes you have to try them all before you find one that works for you and your baby.

We found Bubba's butt paste to work best.

Laundry deteregent, I never bought dreft it was just to expensive. I either used All, free and clear or Purix, free and clear.

Lansioh, if you are planning to breastfeed take this with you to the hospitial.

Hats, a few NB and then a regular size. My babies head was big but even still the small size was to big for her.

Footed Pj's. I really wouldn't worry about many NB size. They grow so fast get a few 0-3 and 3-6 and you'll be set.

Soap and Lotion we like the best is the Johnson and Johnson bedtime cream wash and lotion. I use the store brand shampoo. That's another one of those things that you have to find that you like.

I hope that helps a little.

Angie said...

Get yourself a couple bags of diapers, a dozen or so long sleeved onsies, soft baby socks and even softer sleepers and several soft warm blankets and a couple of baby hats. Get two or three good nursing bras and breast pads for yourself and stock up on a good supply of feminine pads (NOT tampons). Keep a bit of formula and bottled water on hand until your milk comes in and maybe try a pacifier or three to see what suits your baby. A thermometer, baby gas drops (just in case), and your favorite baby bath and powder and lotion. A soft brush for the babies head so that when you bathe him/her you can massage the scalp. (Cradle cap is nasty. Not all babies have it but alot do.) That's all you need the first week or two. It is amazing how many times you may end up changing the clothes of a new baby. Their tiny laundry can pile up fast!

Just incase due to the first of many black tarry baby poops mix yourself up some salve and keep on your baby's bottom for the first week or two every time you change the diaper. The washing and wiping and the acid in breast milk can scald their tiny little hiney.

Take 1 tube of A&D ointment and squeeze it into a small dish. Begin to whip in as much unflavored liquid antacid as you can get into the ointment. Whip until it is soft and creamy and smooth. There is nothing better to protect your babies little bottom. I promise.

Now all you need is someone to provide good meals and plenty of sleep. Drink LOTS of water, keep taking your prenatal vitamins especially if you breast feed.

Don't get discouraged if you breastfeed. It takes a bit to get the hang of it because remember it is two of you learning to do something together. Don't be afraid to supplement with formula. It is okay to give your baby some formula if your milk is slow to come in or if you are not producing enough.

Follow in your instincts. Do what you need to do to smooth, comfort, feed, etc your baby and don't let other people tell you that you are doing something wrong.

And lastly, you need to enjoy every moment of this new beginning because before you know it your baby will be walking and talking and you can't believe the time slipped by so fast. Take lots and lots of photos and made plenty of videos. You'll be glad you did.

You are in for the time of your life in more ways than you can ever imagine! :-)

chatty cricket said...

Ok, I will email you with my weigh-in on each topic, but really? It all comes down to a matter of preference and you'll start to find the brands you like, the outfits you prefer, etc etc etc. The only thing I would say is try not to overbuy at first because you can always send Josh out to pick up more of what you find you like.


Any way you slice it, it all works the same. Although I will agree with geggie, Burt's Bees smells DIVINE and is very gentle. I love their baby oil and used it on Lady all the time.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I don't have time to read all the comments, so what I'm saying may be redundant. YOU NEED MORE WASHCLOTHS. I used them for everything-faces, formula, tushies, hands, etc.
Did you get my email?

Jessica said...

The only thing you are forgetting is that babies can make a hella poopie and, therefore, at times - may very well STINK.

This is so exciting!

Not so little sister said...

P.S. I tried to Google Sweet Pea PJs but only found pjs with sweet peas on them...somehow I don't think this is what someone was suggesting. Good luck!

Audrey said...

Burp cloths -- small blankets, cloth diapers, hand towels. I'm told you can actually find something called a burp cloth manufactured by Carters and where ever it is that Carters may be carried near you!

Melissa said...

You've gotten lots of advice! I'll just weigh in on the pacifiers. I used the First Years brand- they come in 2 sizes 0-3mos and 3-6 mos. I always give them as part of gifts as well. I've known many moms who tried many different ones and always ended up with the First Years brand being the only one baby would take.

Good luck! You have quite an exciting time ahead!

liz said...

Ooh! The hospital will let you take home any packages that were opened, btw. So take them up on it!!!

Elizabeth said...

Diapers-It has been my experience that hospitals put Pampers Swaddlers on newborns. They will give you at least one full pack to take home, and you can easily go through 10-12 a day. Buy a few more, then if the baby is teeny I recommend buying them by the case at Sam's Club. My husband and I priced them at a whole bunch of places and Sam's is the cheapest. Sam's Club also carries the Size 1 by the case.

The easiest outfit for day time is the one piece Sleep n' Play. Two per day, depending on how often you can do laundry I'd say have at least 8.

Blankets-The hospital will keep the baby wrapped up in cotton receiving blankets. We brought two really cute ones home with us. The ones that come three to a pack aren't real soft, but what you do is roll them up and use them to keep the baby upright in the car seat. We also tucked rolled up blankets on either side of our babies when they were in the bassinet, just so they would feel more snuggled.

LOTS of washcloths, a few hooded towels. Burp cloths-here's what you do: when your husband goes down to the nursery to get the baby, there should be stacks of cloth diapers. Have him grab a few each time. These make the BEST burp cloths because they have been washed a lot and are soft and broken in. The new fancy embroidered ones aren't soft and will just get stained anyway.

I would advise AGAINST buying any diaper rash cream until you see how sensitive the baby's skin is. Kaitlyn was born with diaper rash and Balmex made her skin bleed (yes, really). Aquaphor ointment in a jar with a blue lid-costs about 8 bucks, TOTALLY worth the cost.

Shampoo/Baby wash-Again, I recommend WAITING until you see how sensitive the baby's skin is. Kaitlyn broke out all over from that Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash. We had to use Aquaphor skin cleanser. For lotion, we used a creamy baby oil made by Shaklee, Aveeno's is good too.

WIPES-There's that sensitive skin thing again. We use Pamper's Sensitive on Kaitlyn, it is just water, aloe and chamomile. The hospital gave us dry wipes which were really just like soft, thick paper towel that we put a little warm water on before wiping. Take a pack of those home, too.

FROZEN FOOD-Yes! Neither you nor your husband will feel like cooking at all for the first few weeks. Don't be afraid to ask visitors to bring lunch or dinner! That's all I can think of for now, hope it helps!

Tina said...

Sorry, I have to add one comment. Someone in the comments said "Personally, I love gowns... babies don't move around enough for their legs to get uncovered. " Our boys both ended up with the gowns around their waist. So the cute gowns we had didn't get used much. (Plus my husband kept saying he didn't want his son wearing a dress.)

Yamin said...

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