Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tango and Murray

I adore my dogs.

I adore them because they make the hubs and I laugh even when we are having the lousiest day ever, and because they throw a party every time we walk in the door (even if we were just in the bathroom), and because all they ever want is to be with us and be loved. They are the best companions. I am sure that most people who have dogs feel like this about their dogs, because if not we wouldn't have the millions of websites and stores devoted to dogs in this world.

Every day as I get ready to go to work, Tango starts doing his moping dance. He mopes up the hall and then back down the hall. He lays in his bed with his head hanging off the side while I'm putting on my shoes and socks and gives me the most pitiful look he can muster. We go through this every morning, so you think at some point he would get used to it. The alarm goes off, he is ecstatic that I am up. 2 minutes later I get in the shower and the puppy depression begins. Oh the sadness. If we could harness Tango's sadness onto the web, we could power the Internet for three days with it. I mean, if you think you have problems, they are nothing compared to Tango's.

Murray, on the other hand, will be happy as a clam during all this time. Apparently, even though we do this every day, he forgets the end result every day. So he bounds after me from room to room, licking my feet or bringing me toys. He occasionally heads back to check on the depressed dog, but for the most part he is by my side swishing away with his tail.

Even though I know its crazy, I feel a little guilty every day. I wish momentarily that I could stay home, or better yet, that I had a job that allowed me to bring them to work with me. Honestly, I'd never quit.

So the other day, in a moment of guilt, I closed the door and crept around the side of the house to peer in at them from the window and see how sad they looked.

I made it just in time to see Tango take one last longing look at the door, and then pop right up and happily prance over to Murray to initiate the day's games. Head high, tail wagging, looking totally happy.

People, THE DOG IS PLAYING ME. Lots of folks tell me that dogs aren't manipulative, but really, I think Tango might be. He knows I am likely to leave, but he has to give it the good old puppy try.

I am putting this down in writing to make sure I remember. I work hard each day so that my dogs can have their climate controlled luxury surroundings and new toys and treats and food. The guilt is over.