Wednesday, February 23, 2005

when the bee stings...

oh, Julie Andrews would be so proud. Here is a random list of my favorite things (in no particular order)...

1. Dunkin' Donuts hazelnut iced coffee (with extra extra milk and three splenda, yummmm)
2. Buffalo wings (please see ode to buffalo wings below)
3. Sunflowers (LOOK! This is how much I love sunflowers)
4. Fall in New England (if you question whether there is a G-d, come to Vermont in October)
5. Sex and the City (and NYC, I heart NYC, just not the ridiculous law firm hours that come along with it)
6. Sex (but I can't elaborate, my parents read this site)
7. Suprise mushy cards from the Hubs
8. Tango and Murray (all the time, but especially when they are sleepy and snuggly)
9. The Internet (Have I told you today about how the Internet is a glorious place? On President's Day I happened upon the Barefoot Contessa making carrot cake cupcakes and before I could wipe the drool away, check this out!)
10. Sitting in front of a fireplace
11. Halloween (please see post about my mother)
12. Reading a new book
13. Pottery Barn (no explanation needed, it is a legitimate sickness)
14. Going to the movies (especially with a wild cherry Pepsi and popcorn)
15. My Ipod mini- aka g mini sprout (g stands for gangsta)
16. Monday bagels and Friday pizza lunches at work (its a law firm, what do you expect?)
17. Law and Order (an obsession)
18. Shopping with my mom
19. Bacon (although I rarely have it now, I used to live off it in college)
20. Chocolate (especially dark chocolate)
21. Traveling (anywhere, I love it)

By no means exhaustive, but it'll do for now.

So... What do you love?