Tuesday, February 15, 2005

and he still stopped to take a picture...

My wonderful mother works at an elementary school in California as a "Drop-Out Prevention Specialist". This means that she keeps her eyes peeled for kids in elementary school who have the kinds of problems that may lead to their dropping out of high school. If she finds kids like that, then she intervenes with teachers, therapists, whoever else is needed. Cool, huh?

Anyway, she has a friend she met through her school, let's call him Mr. C. Mr. C was working in his office from home today, when little daughter Aubrey came into the house to tell him that her brother, Justin, was stuck. Since he is used to children playing these kinds of games with him and he was engaged in his work, he didn't feel the need to rush out and check. He told Aubrey to tell Justin to get himself unstuck. 20 minutes later (!!), Aubrey returns to tell Mr. C that Justin could not get himself unstuck and that he was very sad. Mr. C (annoyed at this point) finally decides to check it out, and to his surprise, discovers Justin as shown above. He managed to slide himself between the two mailboxes and wedge himself in there quite tightly.

But here is the great part, people. He apparently took the time to get a camera and take a picture of his stuck child rather than rush to his immediate aid.

He actually had to climb up on top of the mailboxes and pull Justin out, and according to him, it was a struggle at that.

Mr. C's moral of this story is that sometimes kids are actually telling the truth. My moral of the story is that we should all take notes as children, so we remember things like this when it comes time to pick a nursing home for our parents.
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