Friday, February 11, 2005

Murray's cuteness has no bounds...

Murray has been totally frisky lately and the hubs taught him how to play tag. Totally serious- tag.

So lately he spends most of his time peeking at you from around corners and as soon as you look at him he throws himself down into play stance and then he takes off into the other room. If you don't follow him, he comes back to peek at you and tries again. He seems to LOVE this game and will play it for a full hour (or at least that is the longest I would play it with him). He devises new ways to run away from us each time we play (under the tables, around corners, etc.) and if we turn around and run away from him he chases us throughout the house. Then we turn around, play stance begins and he runs away again. You get the picture.

If you don't know what play stance is, it consists of butt in the air, front legs splayed out in front, tail high in the air. Terribly cute.

So yesterday I was ignoring him doing the peeking around corners thing as I watched television on the floor and I had my hair pulled back into a bun. Murray apparently decided that my hair bun was a toxic murderous hair bun, so he started attacking it by standing on the couch above me and pouncing on it. Each pounce entailed him biting it and running away. It was so funny that I grabbed the camera and would whip around to take a picture of him after he had attacked the killer bun. I took lots, but these two seem to exemplify his mood last night.

Please note the bushy tail and play stance. Do you see how Tango looks completely bored with this whole thing?

Murray's cuteness has no bounds. Posted by Hello