Friday, February 18, 2005

The Originals

It has been brought to my attention that while the hubs may be the best thing that currently happened to me, my parents are the best thing that happened to me also. And yes, I suppose that the woman who was in labor for 50 hours with me, the folks who clothed me, fed me, changed my diapers, paid for 20 years of private school, supported me throughout my life, listened to all my crying and complaining and told me that I could do and be anything I wanted, do deserve a bit of recognition. So I would like to tell you, the Internet, about the ORIGINALS, the first loves of my life.

My parents came to the United States from Argentina seeking a better life. In part, my mother was trying to convince my father to get married since he was a notorious bachelor, but they also had the typical dreams of a safer and more secure life for themselves and their children. Two years later, I came along. I have years of childhood memories of talking about moving back to Argentina. My parents missed their family and friends, and raising a child away from all extended family was hard, but most importantly, sad. They wanted me to know my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. But as the years passed, Argentina's economy and prospects did not improve, so we stayed.

My father worked tremendously long hours to support my mother and I. I remember driving to pick him up after midnight on many nights, me bundled into the back seat and supposed to be asleep. I would crawl into bed with him in the mornings and watch Yan Can Cook (my father is an excellent cook), and soon after he would get up to head back to work. He often had only one day off a week, perhaps a Tuesday, and the three of us would take day trips to Napa, Eureka, Monterey, anywhere fun to spend the day. I think I have been to every vineyard, forest and beach in Northern California on those weekly trips. He never protested or complained about my mother's focus and insistence on the best schools in the area, even though they were often the most expensive. He supported the gymnastics, guitar, piano and tap lessons and I never heard him grumble. His long hours kept him from being present on a day to day basis, but I never lacked love and support from him.

My mother made up for any time that my father was unable to spend at home. She had more energy and creativity than anyone I've ever known, thinking up different projects, games and crafts to fill my days. My name for this site, halloweenlover, is a tribute to the years we spent making fake tombstones and hanging ghosts from the ceiling. That was just one of a million examples of the things she did with me and for me. I am sure that all children feel that their parents love them unconditionally, but my mother showed me each and every second of my days that I was the center of her universe, the love of her life, her heart living outside of her body. She was always available, always paying attention to my interests at the time, always anxious to know what I was thinking or feeling.

I am a happy person today because she taught me how to love life. Even in my darkest of days, I find beauty and happiness in a flower or a leaf, things we just take for granted. I believe that this ability to be happy no matter the circumstance is now an integral part of my being- it gives vibrancy to my personality and a purpose to my life. I will forever be grateful to her for this gift. It has led me to marry a wonderful man, find terrific friends, and follow whatever hopes and dreams I discover along the way. Of course, I have bad days or sad days, but she showed me how to find peace and joy even in those times.

These two people will always be my first loves and they are the reason behind any of my accomplishments. I will always be grateful, and I think I will never know how grateful until I am blessed enough to have a child of my own.

Thanks Ma and Pa.


jiri said...

Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.

Angie said...

"I am a happy person today because she taught me how to love life." A mother's devotion to her children is a love no one can understand until they become a mother. I hope my children will be able to think of me this way someday.

Karen Rani said...

What a beautiful post. Appreciation is a wonderful thing - you pegged it. I bet your parents are very proud of you!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wonderful post. Congrats on your Perfect Post award! :)

Natsthename said...

Hey, Halloweenlover, congrats on the perfect post!

(And you've even got comment spam!)

You need sunshine? I just got some from your post! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

congratulations on your perfect post award! it was great. glad i caught it and look forward to reading more.

Vanessa said...

What a loving tribute to your parents! Congrats on the Perfect Post Award!

mc said...

Congrats on the award -- I'm so glad it led me to this beautiful post, which I somehow missed the first time around. They're lucky to have you. ;)

SueeeuS said...

sobbing... That was beautiful. A perfect post indeed. How blessed you are! And what a fabulous mother you will be!

My family has been daydreaming lately of relocating to Argentina! I would love to hear your/their thoughts on the feasibility of such a thing...

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