Wednesday, July 20, 2005

for Angry Pregnant Lawyer's amusement

I've decided I'm acting a little bit crazy, so I am going to step away from the anger for a while and focus on happy things. Iced coffee, sunflowers, puppies, blogger meetups, and most importantly, other crazy people.

I'm sure you all remember the summer associate who jumped into the Hudson River earlier this summer. We now have her name and law school, although I fear it would certainly violate the laws on slander (even though truth IS an absolute defense) and I know that it would violate my own personal code of ethics on humiliating people for stupid mistakes. So I won't post it.

My personal code of ethics on humiliation does not keep me from sharing another story with you about another summer associate gone mad, and I will reveal that this individual goes to the same law school as our favorite naked swimmer.

This summer associate, employed by the DC office of a prominent international law firm, attended an event last week in the NYC office of said law firm. Following the event, many summer associates headed out to a bar to get to know their colleagues from the other offices, ending up at a lovely NYC bar where drinks were flowing and conversation was lively.

As the night progressed, this particular summer associate, lets call him Crazy Bastard (or CB, for short) began talking to another summer associate, Shocked and Appalled (or SA), and asked him whom was his favorite summer associate thus far. SA responded that Innocent Bystander (IB), a female summer associate standing nearby, was a friend of his and he was pleased to be working with her. CB then said "who? The one who can't do math?", to which SA's response was a rather surprised sputter, considering that he had just finished telling CB that IB was his friend. CB continued with, "well, its not her fault, its probably because she went to Miami public schools." At this point, SA understandably walked over to IB and informed her of CB's comments. The two of them returned to speak with CB and ask what he meant by these comments, to which CB drunkenly waved them off and then muttered under his breath "wetbacks."

I'll pause for a moment for you to digest this tidbit.

SA and IB had very clearly heard his utterance, and asked if he had ACTUALLY just called them "wetbacks" at which point he yelled out that "Yes!" they were, in fact, the "wetbacks." Apparently these two summer associates are Cuban Americans, so we're still not sure why he chose that particular racial slur. Well, we're not sure why he chose to come in with any racial slur as his defense, but that one in particular is a mystery.

Of course, the story spread like wildfire amongst the summer associates of this prominent firm. The next day, back at the office, CB stopped by SA and IB's offices to say the following, "so, um, I heard that I might get fired or something for the stuff I said last night, so, um, yeah, sorry about that." As YG&B put it, a mealy-mouthed and apparently insincere apology.

Long story short, he was escorted from the building shortly thereafter. Turns out there are some things that will keep you from getting an offer!

Today's message: If you want to be a bigot, do it on your time, on your own dime! Work affairs where you are hoping to get a job offer? Not the best occasion.


SpookyRach said...

Just when you think people can't be any more stupid!


Ninotchka said...

What a *^&%$ idiot!

Phantom Scribbler said...

And they really did fire him? For real? Wow, that's the best thing I've heard all week.

halloweenlover said...

yup yup yup. This particular firm is very concerned with diversity and respect for others, so we knew as soon as it happened that he was getting the boot.

I spent a long time with my mouth hanging open after I heard the story, though. Where are these people coming from??? Who thinks that it is acceptable to use racial slurs?!?

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Wow. That's heavier than the typical drunk-girl-jumping-into-the-Hudson summer associate story. What an asshat.

Scrivener said...

I'm with Phantom--wonderful to hear they actually canned the guy!

Yankee T said...

as you said in your other post, Put the drink down.