Monday, July 25, 2005

exactly what I needed

I am feeling wayyyyy better after a weekend doing household chores. That sounds a bit counterintuitive, but its true!

Friday night, we decided on the spur of the moment to go to the movies. The hubs hates movies and movie theaters, so this was a real sacrifice for him. I, on the other hand, adore movies and sodas and hot dogs and all the rest. As I mentioned in my previous post, my Best Job Ever was at a movie theater, so marrying someone who hates movies has been difficult. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, even though I promised my mother that I would boycott Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt. My mother is deeply angered by Mr. Pitt's suspected dalliances, so lets keep this movie choice between us. The movie was pretty good! Josh and I were both entertained by the action and it is undeniable that these two have some serious on-screen chemistry. I would like to protest the fact that one woman could be so beautiful. It isn't right. And that she seems a little crazy in "real life" just adds to the unfairness! I still recommend the flick, so long as you can turn off the rampant jealousy at her looks.

Saturday we left the house, planning to run a few errands and return in time to do some interior painting, but decided to stop in to a couple car dealerships and check out some cars. I was plied by Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, so I consented. After a few dud dealerships, we stopped by Honda because Josh is frankly OBSESSED with Consumer Reports, and has been trying to convince me to buy a Honda for months now. Suffice to say that we walked out having purchased a car. It wasn't in the plans, but as soon as I started saying I wanted to leave, they started lowering the prices, and finally we couldn't say no. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to not have to listen to my husband quote any more car reviews. I could not take another week of this. Now, when he tries to tell me what a good buy Edmunds thinks we made, I can scream and cover my ears.

We finished all the paperwork in time to make it to a bbq with Josh's future classmates, where we had to watch an awful movie as a prerequisite for classes, and we finally got home at around midnight. Right around that time, I started to feel the twinges of a meltdown coming on. I had a great time all day, but the need to relax around the house was undeniable.

So Sunday we lounged around most of the day. We ate breakfast on our patio, where my neighbors got an eyeful of me in pajamas, and then I gardened for most of the afternoon. I just love seeing the immediate difference that a couple of hours spent in the sun makes to the appearance of our yard. It is almost therapeutic! Except for the worms. I detest the worms, and also the spiders. Blech. But the rest is great. We stopped by a neighbor's house for a quick bbq, and were home early enough to read another few chapters of Harry Potter. I am STILL trying to drag it out, although I was just invited to a book club where they will be discussing the book, so I'll have to increase my consumption.

On a totally unrelated note, I have been feeling annoyed at an individual rather close to us who seems to have some sort of competition going on. Whenever we mention something, this individual retorts back with something they have done that is better! Bigger! More expensive! You went away for the day? How nice, I remodeled my whole house! I find it odd, because we are most certainly NOT in competition with this person, and the exclamations of wealth have come entirely unbidden, and often unrelated to what we have been talking about. Does everyone have someone that does this to them? It is driving me batty.

I wish I could elaborate, but I am a little paranoid about the possibility of people finding this blog, so I'll spare you the details.


z said...

On the competitive person, yes! I have known several folks who do this and I do not understand them!

And I am glad you had a lovely weekend, though I must confess that I can't imagine paying money to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Of course, we were contemplating going to see The Island. So I'm not much of a judge, I guess.

halloweenlover said...

Hey hey, no judging on movie choice. I need mindless people, MINDLESS!!!

I kind of wanted to see The Island also, but I have to make choices that encourage Josh to want to see more movies in the future.

Yankee T said...

Pay no attention to the one-upper. It is always a sign of jealousy or inadequacy. Pity the fool...

Running2Ks said...

Hey, she isn't perfect. That tattooed Jolie looks like she has a split lip. And Brad, oh Brad--do I need to boycott you like Mr. Katie Holmes, the Governator, and Mel Gibson? Is that snarky enough? I DID (guiltily) want to see that movie, but if it comes out on cable, it won't be like I PAID to see it ;)

halloweenlover said...
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Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

The hubs hates movies and movie theaters, so this was a real sacrifice for him. I, on the other hand, adore movies and sodas and hot dogs and all the rest.

This is so me and my husband! The last few movies I've been to have been midnight shows (with my mom, from whom I inherited my love of movies!).

Phantom Scribbler said...

I have been to seven, count them, seven movies since my son was born four years ago. I used to see that many movies a month, back in my high school and college years.

We don't even rent movies. My husband would watch ESPN all night every night if given the choice. Or C-Span. I wish I was kidding about that.


Yeah, I think everyone does have someone who does that to them. If you're lucky, it's someone that you can limit your contact with.


A Harry Potter book club? Like actual real live people get together and discuss the books? Wow! What an idea! It almost makes the internets obsolete!

z said...

Oh, Halloween! I was just giving you a hard time! If someone judged me on MY tv and movie watching, I'd be in real trouble, what with my Hell's Kitchen and Gilmore Girls (I heart the WB). :)

Jill said...

Yay! A Honda! Congrats on your new car. I own a newer Honda now, and we had a 1987 Accord until about a year and a half ago (yes--a 1987--about two days older than dirt). Even at that age, the old car looked decent and ran very well. I am a Consumer Reports nerd, just like your husband, and I think Hondas are great, reliable cars.

halloweenlover said...

Thats it. I am keeping movie choices secret from now on. It was the discount movie theater!!! DISCOUNT!!!

I don't know what they did to her in this movie, but she is too much, seriously. She makes brad pitt look BAD and that is saying something.

YT, I am ignoring this individual, but it is close friend, so hard.