Tuesday, November 02, 2010

voting for preschoolers

Have you guys explained voting to preschoolers? I sat down with Gabe and made a good attempt, but I'm not sure the message got through.

The best I could do was that we get one day to tell our leaders who we'd like to be our leaders (i.e. the people in charge) and how we'd like them to do things. So we go down to the school and write what we want them to know on paper and turn it in (i.e. voting). Then they count everyone's votes and see what we think.

Is there a better explanation? So confusing! When we got to the school, though, he was super bummed when he realized he wasn't going to get to vote, although what the heck did he think he was voting for anyway? I told him he needed to be able to read to vote (we'll deal with the age thing later) and he cracked me up when he said, "Yeah, because I can't read the instructions now. I definitely need to be able to read the instructions."



Butterflyfish said...

It helped that it was a presidential election when Clownfish was in preschool, so everyone was talking about it. I'll never forget him telling me that he wanted to vote for John McCain because everyone else in his class was voting for A-Rock Obama and he was sad for McCain.

So I was trying to explain senate and governor races to him this year (he's six now). All he wanted to know is if McCain was running. Yeah... I guess we shouldn't expect too much at this age.

halloweenlover said...

Ok, that is HILARIOUS.

I should press Gabe on what he wants to vote for, he'd probably tell me "Ice cream and Toy Story pajamas for all!"

You know, the important stuff.

Chatty Cricket said...

I really liked Ninotchka's explanation: Voting is when you get to voice your choice on "who you would like to have working for you."

Because yes, they work for us.

Cate and Marty are decidedly unimpressed with voting. But I think Cate will be more aware in the next Presidential election.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I haven't explained anything to my preschooler about that kind of stuff. Plus I am not even sure when the next Canadian election is!?